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  • Applications for PhD students

    Our research spans the challenging questions facing marketing theory and practice, currently and in the future. We have specific interests in the society, sustainability, responsibility, marketing nexus, and in the impacts of technology on marketing, business and communication. We are interested in receiving applications on a range of topical themes within these broad areas including, but not limited to:

    • Consuming more sustainably
    • Brand management & branding communications, e.g. branded content
    • Digital marketing strategies
    • Ethical/responsible/societal/transformative marketing
    • Emerging consumer groups and their novel behaviours (including impacts for marketing and innovation)
    • Engaging customers in a marketing cluttered world
    • Environmental and societal challenges for marketing theory and practice
    • Experiential, co-creative consumption
    • Impact of technology on marketing thought and practice
    • Insight into developing, emerging and ‘unknown’ markets that inform any facet of marketing
    • Politics and marketing
    • Social media behaviours and content
    • Shifting tourists, tourism behaviour and tourism marketing metrics

    We particularly welcome doctoral applications that focus on questioning established thinking in Marketing to create forward thinking knowledge, and we encourage diverse methodologies.

    Current PhD Students

    Sarah Evans-Howe

    Topic: Complaining via social media: perceptions of temporality in customer complaint behaviour following exceptional experiences in luxury London hotels.

    Start Date: September 2013

    Ammar Alawadh

    Topic: Saudi Arabian fathers as key socialisation agents and emerging implications for healthy food marketing policy development'.

    Start Date: September 2016

    Indroneel Chatterjee

    Topic: Applying experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience in evaluating consumer’ fear and disgust towards entomophagy.

    Start Date: September 2015

    Kamil Wyczynski

    Topic: The meanings of retrogaming consumption of ‘Generation X’ and ‘Millennial’ men.

    Start Date: September 2015

    Shwetha Kumar Shrayamsa

    Topic: The potential of product placement in mobile games as an advertising strategy: A study evaluating Indian women consumers.

    Start Date: April 2016

    Doruk Yamac

    Topic: Privacy calculus in mobile social applications: privacy concerns and Internet experience of mobile device users in the UK.

    Start Date: February 2014

    Lorenzo Turci

    Topic: Realistic Social Network Models.

    Start Date: September 2016

    Lorenzo Turci

    Topic: Relationships and Trust in Business-to-Business Online Hosted Communities.

    Start Date: September 2015