Oxford Brookes Business School

Externally funded research projects

    • Women and spinouts

      Women and Spinouts: A case for action

      Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice

      Oxford Brookes University in collaboration with the University of Oxford and Vitae have been funded by EPSRC under its Inclusion Matters call to undertake a project to identify barriers as well as enabling factors that exist for women in STEM in key stages of the spinout process and entrepreneurial activities to commercialise research and innovation.

    • Teaching excellence

      Intelligence Organisation in the Early Modern World

      Ioanna Iordanou

      Initial funding provided by the Oxford Brookes Business School Small Grants Scheme enabled Ioanna Iordanou to study the ‘Secret Archive’ of Renaissance Venice, stored in Venice’s state archives, in order to sketch out the organisational structure of Renaissance Venice's secret service.

    • Teaching excellence

      The Maritime Dimension of Transnational Organised Crime: Engaging Indonesian Law Enforcement Agencies and Coastal Communities in the Land-Sea Nexus

      Professor Juliette Koning

      The research will investigate stakeholder perceptions: who are considered to be the main actors in the maritime domain; which particular ‘crimes’ are being experienced and with what effect; what law enforcement tools and resources are being used and with what success; what specific threats are articulated by coastal communities; how do the communities and law enforcers appreciate each other; and what do these stakeholders see as ways forward.