Oxford Brookes Business School

Inequality in Financial Capitalism

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


On Friday 17th November, Dr Andrea Bernardi convened a research seminar in the Business School. Professor Pasquale Tridico, the author of ‘Inequality in Financial Capitalism’ Routledge 2017, visited Oxford Brookes University to present his latest book.

Professors Simonetta Manfredi and Pritam Singh acted as discussants and provided detailed comments to the author. The seminar, which lasted two hours, prompted lively debate among participants. The conversation spanned from Marx to forms of inequality other than income and wealth, from alternatives to capitalism, to Brexit. The issue of inequality has gained renewed attention in economic and political debate. This is due to both an increase in income inequality, in particular among rich countries but not only, and an increasing interest in this topic by researchers, policy makers and political movements. In this book, the author presents figures and insights on several possible causes of inequality but focuses most particularly on the role of ‘financial capitalism’, characterised by the strong dependency of economies on the financial sector, by the intensification of international trade and capital mobility, by the ‘flexibilisation’ of labour markets, the reduction of wage shares, and a declining welfare redistribution.