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    Why Coaching Needs to Change

    Edgy Ideas podcast: Prof Tatiana Bachkirova talks to Dr Simon Western about why coaching needs to develop more critical approaches as it becomes a mature profession:

    The Historical Method in Management Research

    by Dr Surja Datta, Senior Lecturer in Business and Management, Oxford Brookes University

    Despite the pervasive use of history in management research, there is a strange reluctance within the field to formally adopt the historical method. As a result, many management scholars end up as "accidental historians". The podcast identifies the key principles of the historical method, and shows how management research that uses historical data can be made more rigorous through the application of these tenets.

    Opportunity Recognition in Turbulent Times

    by Dr Jeremy Zwiegelaar, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Business,Oxford Brookes University

    A discussion about the process of starting up a business based on my research whichtook place during the GFC

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