Oxford Brookes Business School

  • Resilience Training

    At Oxford Brookes Business School we offer training and CPD programmes focused on topical and practical challenges faced by organisations and individuals. These highly participative and engaging courses and events use elements of our leading research to provide you with up-to-date professional development relevant to the workplace.

    The situation we all currently find ourselves in demands new levels of resilience and different forms of working – including collaboratively and remotely. The pressures on individuals and teams is considerable, and new coping strategies are often needed. In response to the recent events and current working conditions, we are offering a new range of support to individuals and companies for free and online. This series of six 'Business School Bitesize Webinars' is designed for you to hear and learn from leading experts and practitioners on subjects such as leading and managing in times of extreme change and coping with disruption.

    Delivered in partnership with Connecting to Excellence, these webinars will be led by Diane Wilkinson, key facilitator in our Scale Up Pioneers Programme and professional leadership coach and trainer. Each of the six sessions requires a separate booking but you are welcome to join all sessions if you wish. The complete series is as follows: