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Management and Entrepreneurship Education

  • Management and Entrepreneurship Education
  • Our research allows for a broad interpretation of management and entrepreneurship education and its responsibilities, encouraging the linking of ideas across disciplines, subjects and communities.

    Straddling the domains of responsible management, management education, and entrepreneurship education, central activities include:

    • Support for evidence-based practice in the area of assessment and feedback
    • Bidding for research and project income in pedagogy, management and entrepreneurial education
    • Providing research and academic underpinning for the development and teaching of modules in the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) domain, meeting PRME obligations of the Business School
    • Contributing to the Brookes’ research (REF) and teaching (TEF) narratives through publications on key issues in management and entrepreneurship education such as student engagement, assessment and feedback, and responsible management
    • Developing and organising co-curricular, student engagement activities, such as ethics debates, student publication, and cross-disciplinary learning
    • Engaging in dialogue with external practitioners and policy makers to promulgate research findings and implications.
    • Seeking out quality partnerships with both educational and professional organisations.
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