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  • We are a vibrant, inventive, cross-disciplinary and collaborative research community critically engaging with societal and technological impacts at the forefront of marketing thought and practice.

    We focus on problematic and significantly transforming consumer, organisational and market behaviours to highlight challenging questions that need to be addressed in marketing academia and practice, and more broadly in business decisions and societal policy-making.

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    A substantive contribution of our research resides in critically appraising and challenging existing thinking and practice in contemporary marketing, not only to advance its strategic efficaciousness but also to inform and elevate responsible marketing practice that positively contributes to consumer empowerment and economic, social and environmental good. Our research spans sustainability, ethics, & responsibility in marketing and consumption, political marketing, customer engagement, experiential consumption, cross-cultural behaviour, digital marketing strategies, digital economy and social media, branded content, brand management (added by BA), co-creation, tourism marketing & behaviours, big data analytics, and neuromarketing.

    The group has been active in this important and rapidly evolving area of the digitalised society and digital marketing, both with contributions to the theory and with its implications in practice.


  • Academics:

    Yanning’s research areas cover two main streams:--Organisational behaviour-event study; Sociology in events, sports and leisure. Her research focus on Event organisation, Transient community, Innovation, HRM in events (Workplace relationships, Talent mobility), Social exchange theory, Sociology in events (Sexual engagement, Liminality, Neo-tribalism, Representation), Sports in Asia, China events industry.


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    • Wu, S, Li, Y. & Dai, G. Where is the real liminality? Liminoid experience and rite of passage in music festivals. pending
    • Chen, F., Li, Y. & Senaux, B. Motivation to hiking festival. pending
    • Kasai, A., Senaux, B. & Li, Y. J-League development and football fans loyalty. pending

    2016 - to date



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    2014 - ongoing