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  • Raphael Ali

    PhD: The study of the impact of ethnic diversity on team performance: Finding the missing link

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    Mode of StudyFull-Time
    SupervisorsJan Harwell, Tatiana Bachkirova
    Research AbstractNigeria is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world with over 250 ethnic groups and over 150 million citizens. Scholars claimed that ethnic identity plays a pivotal role in Nigerian organisations, as it exerts influence across different organisational activities and situations, e.g., competition between companies, departmental conflicts or cooperation of employees (Osaghae, 1995). Despite its significance in the organisation, ethnic identity has not drawn much attention in Nigeria (see exceptions in: Nyambegera, 2002; Osaghae, 1995). The understanding of ethnic diversity and its influences in Nigerian organisations seems also limited. Hence, this research aims to investigate how employees of different backgrounds function together as a work group in Nigerian organisations, with a particular focus on group cohesion, cognition and identity. Individual experiences and actual performance across different ethnic groups will be also analyzed and compared. In this research project, both qualitative and quantitative studies will be conducted using Nigerian population. This research aims to clarify the mechanism of teamwork and complexity of ethnic diversity in Nigerian organisations. Findings will contribute to the knowledge of ethnic diversity of the Nigerian workforce and, more importantly, help managerial practitioners to manage their diverse Nigerian Employees more effectively.