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  • Lely Budhiyanto

    PhD: Reviewing family firm sustainability in an emerging market economy: an ethnographic study of change and adaptation in the traditional batik industry in Lasem, Indonesia

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    Mode of StudyFull-Time
    SupervisorsJuliette Koning, Titi Susilowati Prabawa
    Research AbstractMy research aims to come to an in-depth understanding of the nature of sustainability in family firms in the traditional batik industry in Indonesia by exploring how they adjust to changing circumstances. Batik is cloth that is traditionally made using a manual wax-resistant dyeing technique. These cloths are used for traditional and contemporary dress styles for both men and women. The traditional batik industry consists of businesses that produce these cloths mainly in family firm settings. The research incorporates an embeddedness perspective that allows for an analysis of changes at different levels and contexts: the micro level (the family and the firm), meso level (the market, institutional environment), and macro level (economic and political climate). This adds a new perspective to existing approaches in family firm sustainability research and will result in a more holistic conceptual framework for the study of small family firm sustainability. The term sustainability in this study means the ability of firms to continue their business over a period of time, through growth and survival.