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  • Haiping Zhu

    PhD: The influence of Chinese philosophic religious traditions on Chinese consumption behaviour: a multiple case study of Chinese festivals

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    Mode of StudyFull-Time
    SupervisorsJackie Clarke, Nicoletta Occhiocupo
    Research AbstractThe purpose of this research is to explore how the Chinese philosophic religious traditions of Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism impact on the consumption behaviour of contemporary Chinese consumers. The research specifically examines consumer behaviour at three selected Chinese religious festivals – QingMing Festival (Confucianism), DuanWu Festival (Daoism) and Laba Festival (Buddhism). It contrasts these separate events with one universal festival case study – the Chinese Spring Festival which is celebrated by all Chinese people. This research aims to improve academic understanding of how and to what extent Chinese cultural values shape the Chinese consumption experience. By doing so, it fills a significant gap in the marketing literature. Ultimately, this research aims to develop a framework related to philosophic religious traditions that will further knowledge of Chinese consumption behaviour and, at the same time, be of practical relevance for marketing professionals engaged in Chinese markets.