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  • Paulina Ojo

    PhD: Subsidiary management deployment across hotel companies: Evidence from Nigeria

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    Mode of StudyPart-Time
    SupervisorsJudie Gannon, Sylwia Ciuk
    Research AbstractThe challenges of allocating managers to assignments or temporary projects with cross-functional, cross-business and cross-geography roles in multinational companies are becoming increasingly complex. However, the relationship between the development of different types of managers and multinational companies managerial deployment practices, is a relatively unexplored topic in the literature on international human resource management. The purpose of this research is to investigate the deployment experiences of subsidiary managers across local, regional and international hotel companies within Nigeria. It provides an exploratory analysis in a systematic literature review, building on insights from the Katz's theory and stakeholder theory, to develop a conceptual model. To test the model and to better understand the different managerial deployment experiences and perspectives within the hotel industry, a review of archival documentations relevant to managerial deployment, and in-depth interviews with hotel managers from local, regional and international hotel companies as well as hospitality educators at universities/colleges in Nigeria were carried out. The findings underline significant challenges of different types of managerial deployment experiences and controversies regarding host country issues alongside a degree of variance across local, regional and international hotel companies.