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  • Mr Zamon Haldarov

    BA in Banking, MA in Economics, MSc in Money, Bnaking, and Finance

    PhD: Banking liberalisation, monetary policy transmission and financial stability

    Accounting, Finance and Economics

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    Email: 15057494@brookes.ac.uk

    Location: CLC 2.30 Clerici Building, Headington Campus

    Mode of StudyFull-Time
    SupervisorsDr. Dimitrios Asteriou, Dr. Rozana Himaz, Dr. Emmanouil Trachanas
    Research Abstract

    The relevant literature emphasizes the important role of financial intermediaries on long-run economic growth. Particularly, it is argued that well-functioning banks by mobilizing savings and funding new technological innovations encourage production process. Furthermore, the theoretical and empirical literature on banking sector liberalisation suggests that policy measures, such as limiting government regulation and ownership, encouraging foreign banks entry and abolishing some of the monetary policies improve competition, enhance banking services and bring greater financial stability. However, 2008 financial crisis resulted severe instability in banking systems and high volatility in financial markets around the world. Credit market liquidity dropped significantly, even in the countries with highly liberalised banking sector, thus causing financial sector instability in the economies. Consequently, the decreased levels of loan supply reduced the availability of production capital to firms and as a result, credit market illiquidity and the shortage of capital led to macroeconomic stagnation in many countries. Hence, this study aims to do research on how banking sector liberalisation contribute to financial stability.