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  • Ana Nacif

    PhD: Group Coaching for Wellbeing in a Community Context

    Business and Management

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    Mode of StudyPart-Time
    SupervisorsIoanna Iordannou, Judie Gannon
    Research AbstractWellbeing matters to both individuals and society. It has been associated with improvements in physical health and longevity; it has a positive impact on relationships, and those with high levels of wellbeing are more likely to contribute to their communities and have better work productivity.

    Some empirical studies have been carried out in coaching and wellbeing in organisational setting, education and social care, with others focusing specifically on health outcomes. However, in these studies, the impact of coaching on coachees’ wellbeing is an unintended consequence of the research, which was primarily designed to investigate other constructs, such as self-efficacy, strengths, and goal achievement, which are at some level connected with wellbeing. The literature search shows virtually no results for research which has been purposefully designed to explore coaching for wellbeing, in other words, coaching programmes whose main objective is to increase participants’ psychological wellbeing. Considering the gaps in knowledge and literature, the objective of this research is to explore and understand how group coaching can potentially be deployed in community settings to foster and nurture individuals’ wellbeing.