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  • Geeta Sinha

    PhD: Mining led Industrialisation and Hegemony in Development Thought; Study of Pro Poor Governance in India with reference to Indigenous Development in Odisha

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    Geeta Sinha

    Mode of StudyFull-Time
    SupervisorsPritam Singh, Sara Le Roux
    Research AbstractThe overall aim of this research is to examine and understand the inter-relationship between mining led industrialisation and growth of violence amongst indigenous communities (particularly women) in India, through an eco-socialist and feminist theoretical framework, and empirical evidence. The path to development of Indian economy is perceived through large scale industrialisation. This approach, designed to eradicate poverty and debt, paradoxically targeted elite and urban sections of India with residual impact on rural and tribal population. The study focuses on the issues and transitions in gender relationships and gender roles of the tribal communities, particularly women, who are more vulnerable in the process of mining led industrialisation. The mining projects in the name of development are not only a threat to environment and livelihoods but also a predicament to the status of the tribal women.
    This research intends to explore, understand and analyse the transformations within indigenous societies caused by mining led industrialisation and the growth of a patriarchal culture of violence.
    The research will be based on primary case study of the Sundargarh district of Odisha, India. Sundargarh is one of the districts with high concentration of tribal population that accounts for 50.19 percent (GOI, 2001) and has attracted several mining industries like coal, iron ore, bauxite and manganese. Multi- method case study research rooted in critical realist paradigm has been adopted for this research as it provides richer understanding as compared to mono-method approach.