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  • Van Nguyen

    PhD: Environmental Management in the Accommodation Sector in Vietnam: Lessons from the UK’s Best Practices

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    Mode of StudyFull-Time
    SupervisorsLevent Altinay, Chris Cooper
    Research AbstractThis research will investigate the processes through which environmental corporate values and environmental individual values of Team Members are formed and enacted in cross-cultural workplaces. As part of this, the researcher would like to investigate environmental engagement and behaviour at several managed hotels of one international hotel chain. This research will contribute to the existing pro-environmental behavior (PEB) academic field by exploring the knowledge gap about the multi-level value formation process and how this influences PEBs among employees in different cultural contexts. Furthermore, the empirical framework will provide rich insights into how values influence the PEB outcomes for different stakeholders in a range of workplace contexts. Practically, the research results will inform the hotel company’s future environmental engagement campaigns, helping to increase their success and chances of hotels achieving long-term savings. By being part of this study, your hotel will benefit from tailored advice on how to communicate with your Team Members more effectively on environmental issues such as reducing energy consumption.