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  • Masrura Ram Idjal

    PhD: The influence of decentralisation of policy to the nexus of power in tourism in rural communities.

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    Masrura Idjal

    Mode of StudyFull-Time
    SupervisorsLevent Altinay, Chris Cooper
    Research AbstractThis research aims to examine the 2014 Indonesian Village Law and its influence in the nexus of power in the rural tourism destination. The focus of the research will be in the planning and decision-making process at the village level. Decentralisation has been suggested by a number of scholars as critical to securing sustainable tourism development and as a democratic process which requiring bottom-up planning and decision making in less developed countries. While many authors have focused extensively on the dynamics within communities, for the most part, they have not explored the connection and interaction between the local community and local government within a decentralised system. The level of authority provided to the community, the legitimacy of policy decision making within the community and the resources to deliver tourism policies also have not studied in the decentralised tourism policy mechanisms. Using a qualitative method, this research will develop a theoretical framework defining the critical points at which community engagement in rural tourism development can be enhanced during the policy decentralisation process. Primary data will be gathered in the two rural tourism destinations in Indonesia and will be selected according to their tourism development trajectory stage. This research will analyse the advantage and disadvantage, the implications and the process of policy formulation that can emerge from the implementation of the policy for tourism rural community's engagement in Indonesia, as well as will contribute to theory by delimiting the essential pre-requisites to support rural tourism communities in maximizing the benefits from policy decentralisation.