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Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Social Responsibility and Governance

    • Critical perspectives
  • This research area focusses on how accountability and responsibility is achieved in a variety of organisations using a range of methodological approaches.

    The nature of the relationship between business and society is changing and there is increasing pressure on organisations to be more accountable and socially responsible. Our research considers the broader roles of accounting and corporate governance in society and the impact businesses have on a wide range of stakeholders. These issues are explored from both theoretical and practical perspectives and encompassing a range of disciplinary and methodological approaches.

  • About this topic

    Research is currently conducted into corporate governance in the investment intermediary chain, external reporting and internal control structures and processes in a range of organisations, from large plcs to small charities. Researchers also investigate the thinking which underpins accountability in practice, such as stakeholder theory. There is also critical accounting research that is interdisciplinary, drawing on political and social theory.

    Within this research cluster there are four areas of research which explore how accountability and social responsibility are achieved in organisations:

    • Stakeholder management, measurement and reporting
    • Corporate Governance
    • Critical Accounting
    • Accountability In Not-For Profit Organisations


  • Project with consultancy firm Europe Economics on the state of the ratings market. Funder: DG FISMA (EU)

    June 2015 - January 2016