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PhD: Applications and Students

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  • Applications for PhD students

    Applications for PhD supervision, under the following academics, are welcomed in:

    • Professor Juliette Koning:
      • Qualitative research on identity, ethnicity, religion and leadership in small business organizations (sme’s; family firms)
      • Qualitative research in and on private security organizations
      • Meaningful work /identity work in organizations
      • Business ethics and responsible business
    • Dr Joanna Karmowska:
      • Internationalization of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
      • Management practices and organizational processes in performing arts organizations
    • Dr Sylwia Ciuk:
      • Language strategies, policies and practices in MNEs
      • Culture change initiatives
      • Implementation and resistance to new management ideas
    • Dr Louisa Lapworth:
      • Motivation and HRM in the voluntary sector
      • Public Service Motivation
    • Dr Guy Huber:
      • Power, identity, value work, humour, secrecy and ethics in organisations
    • Dr Andrea Bernardi:
      • Co-operative sector and collective ownership
      • Healthcare/Employment Relations in China
      • Organization studies and medical humanities
      • Employment relations in the British Higher Education sector
    • Dr Samentha Goethals:
      • Business and human rights
      • Business ethics/CSR
      • Labour migration (inc. issues related to migrant workers' rights, refugees, trafficking, modern slavery)
    • Dr Karen Handley/Dr Jill Millar:
      • Power and discourse in organisational, professional and institutional contexts: the role of discourse in constructing identities, practices and institutions (discourse analysis) on institutional and organisational discourses of employability
      • Diversity management in organisational policies and practice; discourses within specific professional fields

    Current PhD Students

    Oxana Garanina

    Topic: Connecting businesses with communities: the role of brokering and employee volunteering

    Start Date: September 2014

    Helene Seiler

    Topic: Development of a behavioural diagnostic tool to assess coaching effectiveness

    Start Date: September 2014

    Frederik Young

    Topic: British SME’s Network Processes, Paths and Patterns in the Indian Marketplace

    Start Date: January 2015