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  • Welcome to the Business School

    You’re Virtually Here! Please have a look around and find out what studying a master’s, diploma or MBA at the Business School is really like. There are lots of videos about the courses from our students, graduates and teaching staff. You can also register for on-campus open days/evenings.

    Our courses are designed with your future career in mind. We'll help you become highly employable. You’ll get involved in live consultancy projects, skills workshops and networking with industry leaders, helping you develop the professional skills and business exposure you need for an international career.

    You can email us at business@brookes.ac.uk or call on +44 1865 485858.

  • Business and Management full-time master’s

  • Marketing full-time master’s

  • Accounting, Finance and Economics full-time master’s

  • Human Resource Management part-time diploma and master’s

  • Oxford Brookes Global MBA

  • Coaching and Mentoring