Ethical catering

  • Trip to Malawi making "One Difference"

    Staff and students travelled to Malawi in November 2011 on a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable people, by helping to construct, dig and plant a sustainable kitchen garden. This is part of a scheme being sponsored by Oxford Brookes through the charity One Foundation. Chartwells, the University's caterers funded twenty-four kitchen garden plots producing seasonal fruit and vegetables at Wheatley, and the winner of the best kitchen garden plot, Ben Wilkins, was joined on the Malawi trip by Brookes staff members John Stimpson and Sarah Kerrigan. The visit to Africa, which was developed in partnership with Chartwells, also provided the opportunity to see in action a water PlayPump funded by Oxford Brookes sales of One Water through The One Foundation's One Difference campaign.

    There are a selection of videos available to view on YouTube . We hope you enjoy finding out a little more through them.

    The vegetable garden

    Through the sale of One Water, Oxford Brookes University have provided a vegetable garden and water PlayPumps to schools in Malawi, Africa. This video joins John Stimpson, a Caretaker, Sarah Kerrigan a Project Manager and Ben Wilkins, a Masters Osteopathy student as they are given the opportunity to visit the Nkhonde school and understand the importance of these projects.

    The PlayPump water pump

    Oxford Brookes University is committed to sustainability and have provided PlayPump water pumps to schools and communities in Malawi. In this video you are introduced to some of the challenges faced by individuals who do not have access to clean water and shown how Oxford Brookes University is making a difference through these projects.

    The Feeding Programmes - One Oaty Goodness

    Following on from the provision of several water pumps and a vegetable garden in Malawi through the sale of One Water, Oxford Brookes University is continuing to show their commitment to sustainability through the extension of the One Product Range. We now sell One Oaty Goodness which is a porridge range that supports feeding projects in schools in Malawi.

    Post trip interview

    This video provides an opportunity to find out some information about the trip from Oxford Brookes to Malawi, understanding the difference being made to schools and communities through the sale of One Water.

    Animal welfare

    Following the recent coverage on poultry breeding Catering Services would like to assure you that our purchasing policy on animal welfare endorses the Five Freedoms concept proposed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) which are:

    • Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
    • Freedom from discomfort
    • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
    • Freedom from fear and distress
    • Freedom to display most normal patterns of behaviour
    • All fresh poultry purchased through our approved suppliers is British Farm assured
    • Red Tractor certified - The Red Tractor is an independent mark of quality that guarantees the food we’re buying comes from farms and food companies that meet high standards of food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection. For more information please visit the red tractor website


    Good Egg Award

    In May 2009 Oxford Brookes Catering Services received a Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming for committing to using free range eggs. The Good Egg Awards celebrate companies in the EU who are switching to barn or free-range eggs, instead of eggs from caged hens and Oxford Brookes were the first university to be nominated.

    The awards are set to benefit over 15 million laying hens every year. Further details about the award and the companies that have received it can be found at the good egg award website

    Good Chicken Award

    In November 2010 Catering Services were awarded the Good Chicken Award. This award celebrates companies using or committed to using meat chickens reared in higher welfare systems. Put simply, we buy as much free-range or Freedom Chicken as we can.

    To date more than 239 million meat chickens will have their lives improved each year. Further details can be found at the Compassion in World Farming website


    We use:

    • Free-range eggs
    • Organic milk
    • Dolphin friendly tuna
    • 100% Fairtrade coffee
    • Wholegrain, wholemeal and low GI bread
    • A selection of our sandwiches are organic, halal and gluten free
    • Fairtrade fruit juices
    • Low-fat mayonnaise
    • Salad bars are available at all campuses.
    • Fresh fruit and fruit salad are available at all campuses


    • Brookes was the first Fairtrade University
    • All coffee served at all campuses is Fairtrade.
    • We offer a selection of Fairtrade flapjacks, juices.
    • We offer Fairtrade cola.
    • Profits from the One water fund roundabout powered water pumps in Africa. We have already funded two wells.
    • All bananas are Fairtrade.
    • We also supply Fairtrade tea, hot chocolate, sugar and cups.
    • Fairtrade wines available from our Hospitality Brochures.
    • Fairtrade smoothies