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      The Silk Road and the Tourism and Hospitality Industries Conference

      Call for Papers

  • Economic Integration along the New Silk Road and Land of Great Steppe

    The Centre for International Tourism and Events Management Research is pleased to announce the upcoming conference “The Silk Road and the Tourism and Hospitality Industries”, co-hosted by the Centre and five international research institutions. The conference, scheduled for 13-14th April, 2018, will bring together established academics and early career researchers from across the world, and will be a unique opportunity to explore an ancient phenomenon in the context of contemporary tourism and hospitality.

    The Silk Road or Silk Route comprised a historic network of trade routes which for centuries were central to cultural interaction and economic cooperation through regions of the Asian continent, connecting the East and West from China to the Mediterranean Sea. Recent initiatives to reinvigorate the Silk Road have attracted growing attention from academic and practice communities alike; countries along the route, including China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India and Russia, have sought to capitalise on the opportunities for international trade and cultural exchange represented by the corridor. With the increasing shift towards economic globalization, cultural diversity and the rapid development of information technology, the Silk Road offers tremendous opportunities for the tourism and hospitality industries – sectors underpinned by the movement and consumption behaviour of people across borders.

    Co-organised by the Bang College of Business, KIMEP University (Kazakhstan), Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Oxford Brookes University (UK), School of Hotel and Tourism Management, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong, China), Mugla Sitki Kocman University (Turkey), Kyung Hee University (South Korea) and Tourism Academics Association (Turkey), this conference will address the socio-cultural, economic, political, environmental and technological complexities and challenges associated with the development of tourism and hospitality within the Silk Road.

    We welcome both conceptual and empirical research papers that link knowledge to different regional and country contexts (including, but not limited to, countries such China, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkey) and advance tourism and hospitality research. Papers enhancing management practitioners’ understanding of the interactions and the evolving dyadic relationship between the Silk Road and the tourism and hospitality industries would also be well received. The committee hopes that participants will enjoy stimulating and thought-provoking sessions, lively social events and opportunities to develop research networks during the conference.

    Papers are invited under the general theme of ‘The Silk Road and the Tourism and Hospitality Industries’ and might focus on the following research areas and sub-themes:

    • The economic, political, environmental, and social cultural impacts of the tourism and hospitality industry development on the Silk Road area
    • Cultural and Heritage Tourism
    • Global and regional tourism industry integration
    • Tourism industry development and community participation
    • Transportation, Infrastructure and the Tourism and Hospitality Industries
    • Contributions to the tourism and hospitality industries by social media and new technology
    • New tourism and hospitality marketing perspectives for the emerging consumer needs
    • Potential opportunities and threats to the regional tourism and hospitality industry cooperation
    • Security issues and challenges in providing tourism and hospitality services
    • New policies and laws to enforce the Belt and Road Initiative policy for Tourism and Hospitality Industries Development
    • Innovative productions of customized service design
    • Service and enterprise management
    • Service failure, recovery, and customer participation
    • Factors affecting consumers’ behaviours and attitudes toward tourism and hospitality services
    • Pricing of tourism and hospitality services
    • Forecasting and managing the demand for tourism and hospitality services
    • Tourism and Hospitality Industry innovation, development and planning
    • Tourism and Hospitality industry forecasting
    • Tourism and Hospitality Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Stakeholder Management and Tourism and Hospitality Industry Development
    • Management of Tourism and Hospitality Experiences
    • Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative for international and domestic tourism and hospitality industry issues
    • Role of Higher Education in the development of cooperation among the countries within Silk Road

    Conference Chairs

    • Professor Sang Hoon Lee, KIMEP University
    • Professor Kaye Chon, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    • Professor Levent Altinay, Oxford Brookes University
    • Professor Ozan Bahar¸Mugla Sitki Kocman University
    • Professor Sung-Don Hwang, Hankook University of Foreign Studies
    • Professor Dae-Kwan Kim, Kyung Hee University
    • Professor Muharrem Tuna, Association of Turkish Tourism Academics

    Publication opportunities

    Selected full papers and case studies will be published in Central Asia Business Research Journal(ISSN: 2073-5901)

    • The Service Industries Journal (Special Issue: The Silk Road and the Service Industry)
    • Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
    • Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing
    • International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
    • Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management

    Important Dates

    • Submission of abstracts (400-500 words, plus references): 28th January 2018
    • Outcome of the review process: 19th February 2018 - Authors of accepted abstracts will be informed about the submission guidelines for the full and work in progress papers.
    • Submission of the final papers: (full and work in progress papers): 11th March 2018

    Please submit abstracts by email to: kirc@kimep.kz

    Registration fees

    The conference registration fee includes coffee breaks and Saturday lunch

    • $100 (one hundred US Dollars) for academics
    • $50 (fifty US Dollars) for CIS academics
    • $50 (fifty US Dollars) for PhD Students