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  • The social and economic integration of refugees to the host societies: The role of entrepreneurship

    Professor Levent Altinay's Grant Application (Newton/British Academy with Dr Gurel Cetin from Istanbul University) has been successful.

    The Refugee Crisis is a Global Problem with its political, economic and social implications. Both the UK and Turkey have been experiencing refugee crisis and are exploring how to help refugees integrate to the wider society.

    Previous research has acknowledged the importance of 'developing entrepreneurship capacity’ in helping refugees with their integration endeavours. However, there seems to be limited research investigating the role of entrepreneurship in the social and economic integration of the refugees. The aim of this study is twofold; to investigate:

    • the role of entrepreneurship in the economic and social integration of refugees within the host societies in Turkey and in the UK; and
    • how this integration (disintegration) impacts upon the social well-being of the refugees.

    The study will employ a mixed methods (interviews and surveys) approach to data collection from Syrian refugees. The research will offer new insights into the interface between refugee entrepreneurship, integration and social well-being.

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