The team

  • The team

    The centre brings together the expertise of several highly regarded researchers, guided by the following core staff.

    Director of CITEM

    • Professor Levent Altinay

      Professor Levent Altinay

      A researcher of international renown, Levent publishes on hospitality entrepreneurship and strategic management in the context of hospitality and tourism. Levent is the Editor-in-Chief of the Service Industries Journal. He enjoys a vast network of international collaborative partnerships with organisations including Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong and the L.N Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan; Levent is also on the editorial board for sector-leading journals, such as the Journal Of Business Research, Journal of Services Marketing and and is the Associate Editor (Europe) of the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management and Journal of Service Theory and Practice. His vision for the Centre is to drive innovative, methodologically robust, cross-disciplinary research that produces meaningful social and economic outcomes for different stakeholder groups including destinations, public and private sector organisations, entrepreneurs and consumers. The Centre will also inform teaching and learning and consultancy through cutting edge research.

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    CITEM Researchers

      • Dr Olya

        Dr Hossein Olya

        Dr Hossein Olya joined Oxford Brookes Business School in September 2017. He received his PhD degree in June 2015, in tourism management at the Tourism Faculty at Eastern Mediterranean University. His research has a dual focus: ‘tourism marketing’ and ‘tourism climate’ with a particular interest in “destination management” fields. 
        In the last three years, Hossein has had over 20 academic publications including 4* and 3* journals with high impact factors. Recently Hossein applied systematic and asymmetric analytical approaches to model risk perceptions of the customers concerning Halal products and services.   He applied complexity theory with fsQCA to model tourist behaviour regarding climate risk and introduced Tourism Climate Insurance as a new service in the tourism industry. He has devised a new index in the tourism climate nexus, called fuzzy-based CIT. He developed a climate-based recreation management system called, RMS calendar. Hossein assessed the risk of meteorological parameters for suitability of climate for tourists.  These works were published in a number of top-tier scholarly journals, namely, Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Journal of Business Research, and International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.
        He is currently severing as associate editor of the Service Industries Journal and reviewing 13 pee-review journals. Hossein is selected as top 1% of reviewers in the fields of Business and Management by Publones in 2017.  He is one of pioneer scholars in application of complexity theory and Qualitative Comparative Analysis in tourism and hospitality research. He is highly skilled in applied statistics, quantitative research methods, and geographic Information system (GIS). As a methodology expert, Hossein effectively contributed in multidisciplinary projects. He is regularly invited speaker in Italy, South Korea, Middle East, and UK. He contributed in the research project as both PI and a member of research team. 
        Hossein has been delivering lectures for the past four years in international and multicultural universities. He worked at Sejong University, Seoul from Sep 2016 to Aug. 2017.  He was also the Head of Tourism Department at British University of Nicosia, Cyprus from Sep. 2015 till Aug. 2016. He has experience of teaching in advanced quantitative research and marketing modules in both undergraduate and graduate levels. Hossein was head of tourism school at British University of Nicosia in 2016. He has experience with curriculum development and internationally-accredited programs. Hossein served as a coordinator of online education program at Eastern Mediterranean University for three years. At an institutional level, Hossein has provided academic leadership for over several academic colleagues, supervised and graduated three master students and two PhD students. He uses interactive, experiential and engaging learning methods in his teaching.
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      • Dr Kate Mingjie Ji

        Dr Kate Mingjie Ji

        Kate joined the team at Oxford School of Hospitality Management in January 2017 as a senior lecturer in Finance and Revenue Management. Her research interests include many aspects of tourists’ behaviour particularly those involved with value-based pricing, embodied experience, and tourists’ spatial behaviour. She has published a number of papers relating to experience co-creation, modeling tourist behaviour and emotions aspects of tourist experience. Her study on tourist behaviour won Best Paper Award and Best Overall Research Paper Award at the 25th CHME Conference 2016. She is also an editorial board member of Service Industries Journal. Kate attained an MSc in Accounting and Finance from The University of Birmingham, and Ph.D degree in Tourism Management from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She was also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Surrey. She taught Finance and Accounting at the Macau University of Science and Technology and Hong Kong Polytechnic University while completing her doctorate study. Prior to her teaching experience in higher education she worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in PR China as a senior auditor.

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      • Dr Grzegorz Kapuscinski

        Dr Grzegorz Kapuscinski

        Dr Grzegorz Kapuscinski is a senior lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Oxford Brookes University. He holds a Ph.D in Travel Behaviour and Media Studies (Bournemouth University, 2014). His doctoral thesis investigated potential effects that framing of news concerning terrorism and political instability can have on leisure tourists’ destination risk perception. Grzegorz’s work has been published in International Journal of Tourism Research and Tourism Management. His research interests include consumer behaviour; media effects; place branding; crisis communications; risk perception and travel behaviour. He is currently involved in supervision of two doctoral candidates in the area of disaster management.


        Kapuscinski, G. and Richards, B. (2016) News framing effects on destination risk perception. Tourism Management. Vol. 57, pp. 234-244

        Morakabati, Y. and Kapuscinski, G. (2016) Personality, Risk Perception, Benefit Sought, and Terrorism Effect. International Journal of Tourism Research. Vol. 18, Iss. 5, pp. 506–514

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  • The centre is firmly international in scope, working to build a portfolio of research and consultancy projects in the field of tourism, hospitality and events – and offers the opportunity for researchers to address key research gaps across this broad sector. We are particularly interested in cross-disciplinary studies and will be aiming to take advantage of the numerous points of intersection between tourism and other fields, including health and social care, natural science, computer science and technology. Please contact us to discuss any areas of potential collaboration or research.

    The centre aims to assist doctoral students in the early stages of their careers in tourism research. This support could take the form of advice on publication, pilot studies or facilitating access to specialist events and further funding. By capitalising on our expertise in securing funding and building partnerships on an international scale, we enable students to engage in activity which complements or extends the scope of their doctoral study. The assistance we offer ranges from helping students with small grant proposals to fund data collection, travel or pilot studies, to more involved support with post-doctoral fellowship applications. Ultimately, we want to develop the next generation of tourism researchers and create a supportive, collaborative environment in which high quality research can flourish.

    We are pleased to be offering PhD studentships. Contact us for more information.

    Does your doctoral thesis interface with tourism, hospitality or events management? If so we would be pleased to hear from you to discuss how the Centre may be able to support you in your research activity. Contact us for more information.