Navigation and content conventions

  • Navigation and content conventions for Oxford Brookes web pages.

    Left Navigation (outlines your site for users)

    • Topics and links to important individual pages 
    • Can be edited only by designated individuals. Please contact the Web team if you would like to update your left hand menu and aren't sure who to ask.

    Central content area or tabs

    • Primary calls to action - 1-3 maximum
    • Landing page with link lists
    • Explanations, processes
    • News, events, announcements
    • Feeds (for landing pages)
    • Video, photographs 
    • Accordions (collapsible segments on a page)

    Right-hand column (auxiliary information and enhancements)

    • Contact information at the top
    • Secondary calls to action - maximum 3
    • Feeds
    • Related links - links to PDFs, links to external resources
    • Social media links at bottom
    • Avoid images on right-hand side