Duplicating content

  • If content exists on another part of the site, do not copy and paste it into your own pages unless you absolutely have to. 

    This is particularly important for content that contains financial, legal or other important information, which if incorrect or out of date could open the University to legal challenge by bodies such as the Consumer Markets Authority (CMA). 

    Some common examples of content to take particular care with include:

    • Student fees or other financial information
    • Information in our online course entries
    • Course lists
    • Information about accommodation options or halls of residence

    What should I do instead of copying the information?

    Depending on the type of content there are several of options open to you. 

    • Link to the page instead
      The simple answer is to link to the page that contains the information rather than copying it. 
    • Share a content module
      Because sites in the CMS are built around modular content it is usually possible to make different pages share content modules. This is suitable if you want to include segments of content from another page in your own. The web team can help you with this option.
    • Use an aggregator widget
      There are various widgets / tools in the CMS that can display groups of content based on different rules or tags, for example lists of news items, events or courses. The same principle can be applied to many different types of content - please contact the web team to find out more.

    If you’d like further advice on any of these options, please contact the web team.