Brookes website search

  • The Brookes site search works in a similar way to external search engines, so if you follow the principles outlined in the SEO tips page your pages should rank well in the site search. In particular, make sure your pages have good titles and meta-descriptions.

    Configuration / reporting options

    The web team can configure the site search in various ways. Some common customisations include:

    • Keyword matching - this makes a particular page always appear as the top result when users include specific keywords in their search phrases.
    • Page / folder exclusions - pages or folders the site can be excluded from the search.
    • Custom search boxes - we can set up search boxes that only cover a specific group of pages.
    • Search logs - we can generate reports showing what people are searching for, including how many times particular keywords or phrases were used and queries that returned no results.

    Please contact the web team if you would like to know more about any of these or have any other questions about the Brookes site search.