Social media guidelines

  • Introduction

    At Oxford Brookes we’re keen to encourage our staff to engage actively in the use of social media to promote and communicate on behalf of the university. You will be representing the university officially and these guidelines will help you to do so responsibly.
    They cover two main areas:

    • Six basic principles for all types of social media
    • Guidelines for use of social media on behalf of Oxford Brookes

    Six things to remember when using social media

    1. Act responsibly, remember you are a representative of the University.
    2. Use your common sense, just as you would in the rest of your day to day work and communications.
    3. Check the accuracy of what you are posting, if you’re unsure of its accuracy or it’s something you know to be untrue, don’t post it.
    4. Remember, once you post something online it’s almost impossible to remove it.
    5. Do not share personal details of current students.
    6. If you have any doubts, don’t post it.

    Guidelines for use of social media on behalf of Oxford Brookes

    • Make sure that any social media activity you undertake adheres to our social media policy.
    • Any Oxford Brookes branding must be in line with our corporate branding guidelines.
    • If you are using social media in a professional capacity ensure you have completed the data protection training.
    • As an official voice of the university you must act responsibly when posting, commenting and sharing content online. Don’t post or share content that is offensive. Don’t share confidential information or personal data. Be respectful and courteous at all time.
    • Seek the explicit permission of the content originator wherever possible.
    • Do not publish or share any information, comments or otherwise that you know to be untrue or that may be deemed as litigious. Once you’ve published something online it’s very hard to remove it.
    • Correct mistakes and errors as soon as possible. 
    • Acknowledge your users in a timely manner by replying to their posts, comments or questions where appropriate. You don’t need to reply to every single comment but if asked a direct question you should respond. If you need further details about this contact the social media manager.  Any media and press inquiries should be forwarded to the PR team.
    • Monitor your social media channels regularly. If you see abusive, offensive or spam comments then you can delete them. When dealing with comments remember that users may disagree with you/voice their own opinions, so make sure your replies are polite and courteous. If you are concerned by the nature of a comment or message or are unsure how to respond please contact the Social and Digital Media Manager or call the PR mobile on 07919 25878
    • If you plan to use 'Oxford Brookes University', 'Oxford Brookes' or 'Brookes' in the name of a social space, please inform the Social and Digital Media Manager at so it can be added to the social media directory.

    Guidance for Google forms

    Please take extra care if you intend to capture personally identifiable information in your google form or survey. You must ensure your settings are set up correctly, failure to do so could lead to a breach of data protection regulations. 

    You can find detailed instructions on how to ensure your settings are correct in the Knowledgebase.