URL approval policy

  • New additions to the Brookes website or requests for redirects to existing parts of the site need to have their web-addresses (URLs) formally approved by the URL approvals team. It is important that this happens before any binding agreements are entered into or publicity materials printed.

    The approval process is:

    1. Create a ServiceNow incident including the following details:
      • URL requested
      • The date the URL is required from
      • Location of the destination site
      • Purpose of the URL / the site
      • Length of time the URL is required to be active for

    2. The URL approvals team will assess the proposed URL to ascertain whether:
      • it fits in sensibly with the existing structure,
      • the proposed URL is meaningful to a member of the public,
      • it is best provided as a top-level directory in the web site, or as a re-direct to simplify a more complex web-address.

    3. If the request is approved, then the new URL will be set up as requested

    4. If the request is not approved, an alternative URL will be recommended

    The URL approvals team is drawn from Communications Services and IT Services.