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  • Engineering courses

    Oxford Brookes University has a long history and tradition of providing high quality, accredited engineering courses. Our students have access to laboratories for their coursework and projects, which include Engines, Automotive, Dynamics, Fluids, Mechanical testing and stress and Joining Technology. With our industry links and location in the heart of the Motorsport Valley, Oxford Brookes is a great place to study. Our focus is to provide world class, high quality teaching and applied research - giving our students an excellent experience, preparing them for their future careers.

  • Engineering Foundation

    As an introduction to mathematical and scientific principles, in preparation for university studies in science and engineering.

    Foundation Degree in Motorsports Engineering - Brooklands College

    The FdEng in Motorsport Engineering has been developed by Brooklands College and Oxford Brookes University as preparation for a range of technical and management careers in performance road car technology.

    Foundation Degree in Motorsports Engineering - Bridgwater College

    This foundation degree (FdEng) has been developed by University Centre Somerset, part of Bridgwater and Taunton College and Oxford Brookes University as preparation for a range of technical and management careers in motorsport engineering.

    Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    This foundation degree (FdEng) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering has been developed by Oxford Brookes University and Abingdon and Witney College, which is an associate partner college of Oxford Brookes. The course is taught at the college, and will prepare you for a range of technical and management careers in electrical/electronic engineering.

    Mechanical Engineering - Abingdon and Witney College

    This foundation degree (FdEng) in Mechanical Engineering has been developed by Abingdon and Witney College and Oxford Brookes University, to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for a technical or management career in the mechanical engineering industry.

    Motorsports - Performance and Automotive Technology - Banbury and Bicester College

    The foundation degree (FdEng) in Motorsports - Performance and Automotive Technology has been developed by Oxford Brookes and Banbury and Bicester College. Based at the Bicester Campus, it will prepare you for a range of careers in the motorsports industry.

    Automotive Engineering

    BEng (Hons), MEng

    Our graduates design the world's best cars, most go into Motorsports but many also design performance road cars. Students who complete the course and appropriate matching section will be eligible to apply for the chartered CEng status during their career.

    Electro-Mechanical Engineering

    BEng (Hons)

    The internet of things, the rise of the robots and the automation of processes are changing the world. Computing and mechanical engineering are combining in new ways to bring all this about. Our course in Electro-Mechanical Engineering is for students who want to be part of this revolution.

    Mechanical Engineering

    BEng (Hons), MEng

    This course will prepare you for a career in any area of mechanical engineering, either as a specialist in a particular field or as an engineer with a broad range of responsibilities. The course is enhanced by the involvement of several local companies offering industrial placement opportunities to sandwich students.

    Mechanical Engineering

    BSc (Hons) single

    This course will enable you to express your design ideas as computer models. This may range from simple to very complex three-dimensional parametric models which simulate the forces acting on the different parts of the system and their motion, allowing the user to study how the system works before it is manufactured.

    Motorsport Engineering

    BEng (Hons), MEng

    The content of the course is similar to our MEng/BEng in Automotive Engineering, but differs by including several motorsport specific options available only on this course. Students who complete the course and appropriate matching section will be eligible to apply for the chartered CEng status during their career.

    Motorsport Technology

    BSc (Hons) single

    Our BSc (Hons) in Motorsport Technology gives your motorsport career a head start. The degree offers three years of study including membership of our Formula Student team.

    Robotic Engineering BEng or MEng

    BEng (Hons), MEng

    Robots used to be science fiction, now they are science fact. Some even believe the advent of conscious robots is near and for the first time, robots will actually think for us. The BEng/MEng in Robotic Engineering has been designed specifically for students wanting to work in this exciting field. It offers the chance to learn how the robots and the computing that controls them actually works.

    Electronic Engineering (TOP UP DEGREE)

    BSc (Hons) single

    This course is a one-year top-up programme designed to enable students from Foundation Degrees (Science) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering to obtain a BSc (Hons) in Electronic Engineering.

    Automotive Engineering with Electric Vehicles


    The MSc in Automotive Engineering provides an opportunity for in-depth study of the engineering that enables and drives forward this vital worldwide industry. The key components of the course cover: design, with a focus on vehicle chassis and performance, sustainability, reliability, aerodynamics, and issues of comfort like noise, vibration and harshness.

    Mechanical Engineering


    Great engineering design turns great ideas into great products. If this is your aim, then the MSc Mechanical Engineering will give you the skills you need to achieve it. Developing the skills to take complex products all the way from idea to fully-validated designs, you will use the most advanced CAD packages and learn the techniques required to analyse your work, testing designs in virtual reality to see how they perform and how reliable they are.

    Motorsport Engineering


    The MSc in Motorsport Engineering offered by Oxford Brookes provides the opportunity for you to specialise in areas such as engine technology, chassis performance, racing engineering, reliability and risk management, materials, simulation and data analysis. Staff teaching on this course have F1 experience and design skills.

    Racing Engine Systems


    The motorsport industry in the UK is a world leader and many of the world's most advanced high-performance engines are designed here. The MSc in Racing Engine Design is intended to enhance and extend your knowledge in engine design. You will be taught by staff with many years experience of racing engines, from performance road cars, through rally, IRL, Kart and F3 right up to F1.


    Our industrial placement programme has been commended by professional bodies as a model of excellence. We have excellent industrial links and placement opportunities with local automotive and product manufacturing companies.

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    Oxford Brookes Racing is open to any Brookes students wanting to get involved. It doesn’t make a difference what year you’re in, or even what you’re studying- it doesn’t need to be engineering! If you’re passionate about racing, get in touch.

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