School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

  • Materials and Structural Testing

    The Department has carried out contract testing and consultancy for local and national companies for many years.

    The expertise in the Department combined with extensive test facilities has provided a competitive and reliable resource for industry. Although operating within an academic environment, the Department has proved responsive to the demands of industry.

    This page highlight some of the test and consultancy work that has been carried out within the last couple of years. The Department has access to the facilities of Oxford Brookes University as a whole and we would be pleased to discuss with companies any projects or requirements they may have.

    Fatigue and proof testing

    The carbon composite components shown were fatigue and tensile tested for Oxford Magnet Technology. This is one of many contract testing jobs carried out for local and national companies. The group has NAMAS calibrated facilities with capacity ranging from 1 kN up to 500 kN. This includes proof testing of production runs, for which we have gained a reputation for fast and reliable delivery of results.

    Victoria Bayliss in the workshop


    The School has developed expertise in the use of photoelastic techniques for determining stress profiles in components. This includes freezing photoelastic materials to retain profiles and the use of photoelastic coatings. The picture shows the stress profile generated in a con rod which was being designed for use in a particle accelerator facility.

    Victoria Bayliss in the workshop