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  • Computing students in Nigeria



    I studied Computer Science and Software Engineering at Informatics Academy Singapore with a pathway to obtaining my degree from Oxford Brookes University. The course is quite interesting. Some coursework are tasking but made me have the feeling of working in an professional organization as the software we used can be said to be of industrial standard. The lecturers were amazing too.

    The courseworks, meeting people from different nationalities, the social events and willingness by lecturers to assist students in understanding a great deal has been the best bits. If you are looking for somewhere not only to study are a high level, but also to meet people and explore your environment, then Oxford Brookes University is your right stop.

    Computing students in Lebanon



    Before coming to Oxford Brookes, I’ve earned a Computer Engineering degree from Ecole Supérieure d’Informatique of Paris. I heard about Oxford Brookes University through my former French University, ESI of Paris, since they offer a double degree program where we can spend our last year of the engineering program in a foreign university. I chose Brookes for two main reasons: first, its ranking in the engineering field. Oxford Brookes is known to be one of most prestigious universities in Europe. Second, I was inspired by its interesting course offerings, of which I chose the Master Of Science in Mobile and High Speed Telecommunication Networks which I believed it will help me expand my field of expertise beyond Computer Engineering. The course goes over all the aspects of Telecommunications, starting from its early life as 2G and arriving at the 4G networks. More importantly, it will give you a very good start for a better understanding of Telecommunication systems, even if you had acquired only a little knowledge in this field during your previous studies in Computer Engineering. Moreover, the teaching approach used combines the theoretical and the practical experience simultaneously, which can help the student to understand the concepts learned in real life examples. The best bits of studying at Brookes is meeting people from all around the world, sharing ideas and spending moments with them. In addition, talking freely with the professors who were available all the time, getting their advice and benefiting from their professional experiences.

    I can advise any student to enjoy every course they take and enjoy their study, even if sometimes assignments could be challenging and stressful, believe me, it will pay off. And be grateful because all the courses taught in Oxford Brookes are well designed and prepare you very well for the industry world .I conclude this by an important quote that accompanied me during my whole education: “Success belongs to the most persistent”. After graduating from Oxford Brookes with a Master’s of Science in Telecommunications I wanted to discover more the world of telecommunication, so I applied to the engineering school INSA Toulouse, France to follow some a 6 months courses in Networks and Telecommunications engineering. Actually, I am working at the multinational bank “Société Générale” in Paris, France, as an integrator engineer in the division of API-PRJ in MKT/ OPM/ API.

    Computing students in Lebanon



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    Computing students in Lebanon



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    Computing students in China



    Juan took the MSc in Computing and she is now doing a PhD in the School working on the PEPPER project. The PEPPER project brings together computer scientists, clinicians and industry leaders to create a personalised decision support system for diabetes management.

    Before I enrolled into Oxford Brookes University, I had some software tester experiences. However, I was not able to code, and knew little to software structure. As an Oxford resident who was not rich, I chose Oxford Brookes University rather than Oxford University as Brookes’ tuition is much cheaper. However, I soon felt this was a really correct decision after I started my MSc in Computing course.

    Brookes’ lecturers are not only highly skilled in academic, but also very responsible for students. Their support for students are comprehensive, systematic and goes in detail during students’ processes of learning knowledge. They are very experienced in dissemination knowledge through careful selected course contents, therefore enable students quickly understand the knowledge. They also maximize the chance of students acquire knowledge by consolidation, office hours, and other forms of extra help.

    I eventually achieved Distinction in my MSc graduation and was awarded the Prize of outstanding achievement in the Master of Science in Computing. Currently I am a PhD student of the School, being offered a studentship.

    Computing students in France



    After four years studying IT in France, I took the opportunity to join Oxford Brookes' MSc course in Computer Science. The academic staff on the course were experienced teachers, with creative and innovative approaches to teaching. Learning and doing project work with such a diverse international mix of students was also really interesting.My year in the UK has been an incredible learning experience and I think this collection of people from diverse origins, countries and experience helps to broaden one's mind. The professional network I built throughout this academic year, as well as the deep understanding of telecommunications I gained from the MSc course, contributed towards getting the job I now have with Alcatel-Lucent. I am working abroad in Lome, Togo in Western Africa, on IP Core Next Generation Networks. Now is the time to really apply the theory to the practical reality of Africa!



    Alexis comes from France and studied MSc Software Engineering full-time. He has been awarded the prize for outstanding achievement in the Master of Science in Software Engineering.

    Before I came to Brookes, I was doing an MSc in Computer Science at Supinfo International University in Lyon, France. My French school offered a partnership with Oxford Brookes and I decided to try a year abroad to study different subjects and improve my English speaking skills. My course was very interesting, every module had a direct relation to the field of software engineering and provided different approaches to their respective subjects. The lecturers were really helpful and their explanations and answers were always really appreciated.

    Being able to exchange and work with students and lecturers from many different parts of the world is very interesting and allows us to learn about different cultures and other ways of working. Along with the quality of the course content, this was one of the most enjoyable things during my year at Brookes.

    I am currently working as an independent software engineer and I will be working as a full time software engineer for a Switzerland-based start-up providing services related to crypto-currencies in January 2017.



    Before I came to Brookes, I studied a MSc Computer Science at SUPINFO, in Marseille and spent one year in San Francisco. Brookes offers a very good selection of modules and subjects to study in the realm of computing. I choose Brookes so I could focus my learning on software engineering after studying the broader field of computer science. The course was brilliant. Lecturers are very experienced and motivate you to deepen your knowledge and expertise, and always make time to help their students.

    Oxford is a wonderful city, I find its architecture and proximity to nature very inspiring. I think I had the best time living in a student accommodation (Clive Booth Postgraduate Centre), with flatmates and neighbours from all over the world; friends I’ll be sure to keep in touch with.

    A week after submitting my dissertation, I started looking for jobs online. I had edited my CV during the summer to accommodate the British marketplace with the help of Brookes Career Centre. I found a job in the city I was looking for within two months. I worked at a digital agency in Manchester called Degree 53 for almost two years; their clients include Betfred, Coop Bank, and Sky. Now I am still an iOS Developer but I work at, a much larger and more international business.



    Joey was awarded the prize for outstanding achievement in the Master of Science in Software Engineering.

    Before I came to Brookes, I did a MSc in Computer Science at Supinfo International University in France, Canada, London and China.

    I chose Brookes because the opportunity to get a double degree as part of a partnership with my previous university is a huge plus. Besides being able to deepen my knowledge in software development makes a big difference. Additionally, the feedbacks from previous students were all positives. The expertise and friendliness of lecturers & staff members really encourage students to give their best. Lecturers do not hesitate to spend extra time to answer questions with enthusiasm. Besides, the administration department members are terribly effective and always manage to accommodate student queries.



    Lukasz was awarded the Oxford Web Applications Postgraduate Award for the best dissertation in Computing in December 2013.

    Before coming to Brookes I was a student at SUPINFO international university in Paris, France. I chose Brookes because I wanted to experience a new kind of school, lifestyle, language and I loved the immersion Brookes offer regarding living in Oxford, the courses and so on.

    The course was rich and well prepared. The best bits of studying at Brookes were the environment: immersion, cultural mix of students, and the teaching: very supportive and skilled. Before even finishing the graduation, I started a company in the mobile and internet of things business. I am doing that since then. Brookes was very encouraging and supportive for entrepreneurial students, and it helped a lot.

    The best moments? Winning several software development and business contests. It really helped that I was used to work with a lot of data and information. The methodology I learned at Brookes during my assignments make me very efficient to understand, synthesise, analyse and then make good use of the information I need.

    Computing students in Greece



    Before coming to Brookes, I studied Informatics and Computer Technology at the Technological Educational Institute of Lamia – School of Engineering, Greece. I heard from friends that Oxford Brookes University offers quality studies. From the website the modules were interesting and I was aware that it has a good rank as a University.

    The course was great! I didn’t regret that I chose to attend this course. Really helpful professors, the communication with them was great and the assignments were very interesting. My advice for others is if there are things that need to be done, don’t think that you will have time later. Start as soon as possible and you will be happy when you get a distinction!

    I’m currently working at bet365 as Software Developer, based in Stoke-on-Trent.

    Computing students in India



    Before coming to Brookes, I studied Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Sciences, Chitkara University, HP, India. I always wanted to study in Oxford. Oxford Brookes University exhibits the amalgam of the traditional and modern era. Oxford Brookes University met all my requirements. The reviews of the Computing department from the previous students were also encouraging. All these factors helped me in choosing Brookes University. The course was well structured and balanced between the theoretical and practical aspects of the topics. The lectures were very informative throughout the year. The faculty members were always there to support us.

    After graduating, I joined as a Graduate Developer at Pharmiweb Solutions in Bracknell, UK, a digital solutions provider for pharmaceutical companies. I was promoted to Junior Developer after my first 6 months. I currently work as a front-end developer. The technologies in the front-end are changing rapidly. The most exciting part and one of the challenges is to stay on track with the latest methods and technologies.



    Oxford Brookes University is internationally recognized and I decided to do my Masters here because I liked the structure of the MSc Computer Science course. The course gave me the flexibility to pick from a large list of modules and complete the ones that I am interested in rather than forcing compulsory modules onto me. Considering the fact that I am an international student, making an application to the course and for scholarships from outside the UK would have been difficult if it were not for the support I received at that time from the staff at the University. On arrival at the University everyone really helped me get settled in quickly. In just a few days I started enjoying the atmosphere here in Oxford, which is filled with students from every part of the world, with different cultural and social backgrounds. I am really thankful to Oxford Brookes University for considering me for the John Henry Brookes scholarship and for the career growth opportunities that it has provided me.

    Computing students in Iraq



    Before coming to Brookes, I studied BSc in Software Engineering at the Technical College of Kirkuk. I chose Oxford Brookes because its international ranking, reputation and the range of courses available. All of the course's modules offered a variety of challenges that enhanced my ability to think more efficiently with regards to software engineering. In addition, most of them are essential in most organizations.

    My advice for others? Try to think outside the box. Don't depend entirely on the lectures (i.e, search for external materials on the subject). This is the most important point, always read and solve the past exam papers before you take the exam.

    Computing students in Malta



    Before I came here I knew Brookes ran a great course in motorsport engineering and that the Department had good links with the industry. On top of this, when I was studying there we had the opportunity to learn in a brand new building.

    I found the course really interesting. It was a lot of hard work but that aspect teaches you key values to take into industry. It was also incredibly valuable to have the chance to be involved in the Formula Student programme. My advice for others is to do Formula student as early as you can and as much as you can. Once leaving Brookes I landed a job at the Lotus Formula 1 team as a Graduate Design Engineer. Four months later I then moved to the Force India Formula 1 Team as a Junior Composites Design Engineer, which is where I currently work.

    I feel like Brookes played a key part in where I am today, so I feel it’s very important to give a little back after graduating as it may inspire more students to realise that their dreams are possible!

    Computing students in Morocco



    I did a pre-Master's course at Oxford Brookes University. I chose Oxford Brookes because of the content of the course and the reputation of the city worldwide. I found the modules good, informative and well equipped with IT materials and software. A good atmosphere studying with multinational students.

    My advice for others would be ask for help if you need it. Studying Computer related subjects is not easy, you need to pay attention to details, progress cannot be seen immediately but needs time. Try to be organised and patient, follow good practices as much as possible. As a way of learning I would recommend buying books from Amazon in whatever subject you are interested in and read it from cover to cover, buy books that balance between theoretical and practical sides. I believe this is the best way to master any subject because you learn from experts in the field.

    After graduating, I’ve secured a one-year internship with TATA consultancy services in India. I will work as a Java Developer.

    Computing students in Nepal



    I studied Biology as my first degree and Botany (Plant Science) as a Masters degree in Nepal. At that time, I was very interested in studying computer programming but there were no suitable academic IT courses in my country. My family moved from Nepal to London and there I started up my own business. In my spare time I went on professional courses in computing. However, I knew I wanted to go further, and a conversion course seemed the best option.

    I chose Brookes because the response and advice from staff was quick and helpful. It was the best decision I could have made, as the Masters course proved to be an excellent way into computing.I was awarded the prize for 'outstanding achievement' in my MSc and offered one of the university's PhD studentships. I am now nearly two years into my doctorate and I am an associate lecturer and combine teaching with research.I have had so much encouragement from my tutors at Brookes and the MSc course has opened up real opportunities for me.

    Computing students in Palestine



    Before I came to here I studied BSc in Software Development at the Islamic University of Gaza and got the first class student award to work as a teaching assistant in the same faculty. I got to know Brookes through a friend of mine who has applied for a Masters degree at Brookes and liked the fast and reliable service of the admission office at the university. Moreover, I liked the modules that are in the course as well as I wanted to try a new lifestyle in such a green city and green university. I was experiencing some of my old knowledge in a new teaching methods. Spending more time in the labs has increased my development skills as I found the required environment in the labs.

    I have got my scholarship for my significant achievements in my BSc Degree and it was funding the whole course which enabled me to focus more on my study as long as not worrying about any financial issues. The periodic communication from my sponsor to support me and ensure that everything is working fine to me has been reflected positively on my progress in the course. The best bits about studying at Brookes was the great support and help that was provided by my course manger and the faculty is a wonderful bit in my experience. Now I have new friends who were studying with me and we have exchanged different experiences between each other. The library environment is a wonderful bit that is not forgettable. You have a pleased space to study, revise, and even relax. Living in London is my biggest challenge right now as I am familiar with Oxford’s lifestyle. Having my degree from such a wonderful university residing at a great city is something that I am proud of and feeling amazing of my acheivements.

    Computing students in Philippines



    Before I came here, I studied Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Technological University of the Philippines and Techno-Masters in Business Administration at De La Salle University, Dasmarinas, Philippines. I chose Brookes because of the popularity and reputation of OBU. Most of my known friends studied in this university and achieved their dream job. The course is excellent; the lectures, practicals/lab, team projects and coursework prepare students to learn and gain an industry-standard IT skill. I also gained my research skill in this course that led to my employment. Importantly, the student’s support to learning is paramount. The best bits of studying at Brookes was the learning. My course is designed to start with the basics and at the same time it maintains the master’s level of knowledge and together with the excellent support of faculty staff that makes my learning effective and rewarding. Whilst doing my dissertation project, which is the last requirement for my MSc course this summer, I got an opportunity and I was hired for a summer job to work for data mining projects in the School.

    Computing students in Poland



    Bartlomiej comes from Poland and studied MSc Software Engineering. He has been awarded the prize for outstanding achievement in the Master of Science in Software Engineering.

    Before I came to Brookes, I studied A-level equivalent at Technical Secondary School, Tychy, Poland. I have progressed from Foundation in Computing to the Masters in Software Engineering at Oxford Brookes. My whole higher education was taken at Oxford Brookes University. The reach of the course, professional guidance and High alumni employment rate. The course material insightfully covered computer science and software engineering concepts I would not be able to study on such high level of detail while working in the industry.

    I am working as a software developer at 67 Brick, Oxford. Responsibilities include developing content enrichment systems for publishers. My current project is with FinTech Start-up of Vienna, Austria where my responsibilities include requirements engineering, systems design and development for a system prototype.

    Computing students in Portugal



    Before I came here I knew Brookes ran a great course in motorsport engineering and that the School had good links with the industry. On top of this, when I was studying there we had the opportunity to learn in a brand new building.

    I found the course really interesting. It was a lot of hard work but that aspect teaches you key values to take into industry. It was also incredibly valuable to have the chance to be involved in the Formula Student programme. My advice for others is to do Formula student as early as you can and as much as you can. Once leaving Brookes I landed a job at the Lotus Formula 1 team as a Graduate Design Engineer. Four months later I then moved to the Force India Formula 1 Team as a Junior Composites Design Engineer, which is where I currently work.

    I feel like Brookes played a key part in where I am today, so I feel it’s very important to give a little back after graduating as it may inspire more students to realise that their dreams are possible!

    Computing students in Russia



    Before coming to Brookes, I studied A levels art Richmond upon Thames College. I chose Oxford Brookes as a place to study because of the great location, networking opportunities, close to London, one of the best universities to study ITMB. It is brilliant, exclusive and promising. It is a courses where a lot of opportunities turn up throughout whole 4 years of studies. Excellent teaching staff and great facilities, friendly people.

    My advice for others would be definitely go for a placement year and be active in university life. The more extra curricula activities you have done, the better chance you have at securing the best job. I did my industrial placement at Wolfson Microelectrics, Newbury with their Information Systems Department. It is a brilliant experience, perfect for CV. You get treated like a professional who is still learning. People do not expect you to know and do everything.

    Computing students in Sudan



    Before my MSc, I did an undergraduate degree in Software Engineering from Oxford Brookes. I chose Brookes for its location as I was working in Oxford, its modular programme which allow students to select their modules according to their field of interest. The course was interesting and challenging. The subjects were covered in depth, assessments were designed in a way that students work hard to accomplish them and gain adequate knowledge. The course was well organised and delivered on time. Staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. The new Library in John Brookes building is an excellent environment for learning, meeting and discussing with other students.Brookes focuses on independent learning, so to get the maximum benefits while you are in Brookes, read the assessment requirement carefully, study hard, consult lecturers and staff they are very supportive and they can guide you to right path. Be a student representative for your course, it is a definite plus.

    Computing students in the UK



    Before I came to Oxford Brookes I studied Biology BSc at Swansea University, Biodiversity Survey MSc at Sussex University. I’d been working in the environment sector for about 6 years and was interested in moving to a more IT focused job, but had no computing qualifications. I thoroughly enjoyed it; the standard of teaching was excellent and the modules were very relevant for employment. As a result of the MSc, I managed to get a job as an IT consultant specialising in software for nature conservation; pretty much my dream job! I was able to juggle working part time throughout the course too.

    This course is ideal if you’re looking to gain relevant vocational IT skills but don’t have any computing qualifications. The teaching, facilities and meeting fellow students from all over the world has been the best bits!



    Computer Science is really a very wide ranging area. There are lots of different aspects of Computer Science that you can take within the field.

    Undertaking my degree has given me these tools, and many more. I feel positive that if I am unable to find a PhD, I will be able to find a role that utilises the skills and experience I’ve developed at Brookes. I do believe that Brookes has equipped me well for undertaking various jobs in the real world.

    I would recommend Oxford Brookes without question. The ethos of the University is great, it is challenging but supportive. The lecturers are knowledgeable, the students are friendly, and I would whole heartedly recommend Brookes to anyone who is thinking of applying.



    Before studying my MSc in Computer Vision, I also completed a BSc Computer Science at Oxford Brookes. I chose Oxford Brookes because of its' good reputation, the course content and the very knowledgeable lecturers. It was a very interesting course, provided lots of opportunities for the future, including computer science, computer vision, machine learning, robotics etc.Honestly, I always wanted to carry on education and complete an MSc course, but without the bursary I would probably not have been able to afford to do so at all. Therefore the bursary really was a great help for me, especially as I was in the first year of students that had to pay the tripled fees for an undergraduate course.

    Knowledgeable and helpful staff, good course material and a sense of community has been the best bits of studying here. My advice, make sure you choose an MSc course that you find interesting, it will help both your academic achievement and job finding in the future. Eventually I would like to complete a PhD in a Computer Science based subject – probably on machine intelligence or augmented reality. At the moment though I am working for an aerospace company, on a proof of concept machine vision project.



    I loved the choices available to me while I would be studying, both inside and outside the computer labs. The location is good and the facilities available during studying are great. Everyone I met when I came to look around Brookes was friendly and allowed me to understand all the opportunities I have available to me while studying here. The course was well shaped and allowed me to pick lots of options from Web Technologies to System Administration. The assignments were well laid out and allowed me to understand and use my knowledge from the lectures and lab sessions during the week. Having the choice to be able to work in a number of places around the campus and having the facilities always available when needed are the best bits of studying here. The staff at Brookes have been extraordinary, always making time when students need more help or want to explore the topics further.

    My plans are to continue to run a company I set up while at Brookes based around ticket and event management in Oxford, using the contacts I have developed at Brookes and in the past, to help develop and implement a new technology into the field. I will also continue to work on another company I started while at Brookes, based around the training and management of High School Model United Nations, and the conferences surrounding it, within the United Kingdom and United States. For others wanting to start their own business, do the research first. There are thousands of people at Brookes who might be able to help in some way. Go to the Brookes Entrepreneur networking events while you are studying, and start building a team around your idea. Students at Brookes are already doing this, and I’m sure there will be people interested in working with you.



    Before I came to Brookes, I studied BSc Psychology at Oxford Brookes and MSc Psychology at University of Leicester. I was really keen to change careers to get into software development, but I didn’t have any technical qualifications or experience. Brookes was one of only a handful of Unis to do the conversion Computing course I needed. As I had previously studied here, I knew what Brookes was like. The modules looked appealing and it was also practically located for me.

    There was a great range of modules covering industry beneficial knowledge. Lots of practical emphasis - a must for Computer Science! Be prepared to study a lot around the lectures to get the most out of the course. The MSc Computing is hard if you don’t have a tech background, but it is really rewarding if you put the effort in.

    I was able to secure a Graduate Software Engineer position towards the end of the course and have now started working for my new employer. I have used what I learned and even met a fellow Brookes alumnus here too. Changing my career with the MSc Computing was the best decision I ever made.



    Before coming to Brookes I studied LLB Law at the University of Portsmouth. I chose Brookes because it was the right type of course, in addition to the good university reviews by other students.

    Whilst I was waiting for my results, I set up a business with my brother, Kuchalu LTD, a game development business where I, my brother and a small number of other individuals create games for multiple platforms. My primary role is programming and development. In under 6 months after graduating, I have managed to secure contracts with major companies in the field such as Valve (Steam), with over 8000 people ‘Greenlighting’ my next game to appear on an online store with millions of active users.

    Some of my best moments include watching all the videos of people playing my game on Youtube, including popular Youtubers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and getting much needed criticism.



    Before I came to Brookes, I studied BSc Mathematics & Statistics. I chose to study at Brookes because of its reputation, location and bursary. The facilities of Brookes are very good, the module content was interesting with excellent staff providing engaging lectures and tutorials along with willingness to provide help and guidance.

    The bursary was incredibly helpful, allowing me to work less and focus on my studies more. The extra money meant that I could achieve a higher grade and finish with less debt.

    My advice for other students is work hard, do the relevant work as you go and allow plenty of time to ask for help and support. Staff are happy to help so utilise this to your advantage.

    Engineering students in Argentina



    Before coming to Brookes I was working for one year in Twyford near Reading for GT0 Engineering, for a company restoring and manufacturing components for Ferrari. Before that I was working in Argentina for 6-7 years in the automotive field.

    The reason for choosing Brookes was that it was the only university to offer Racing Engine Design. Brookes not only offers this course it also offers Automotive, Mechanical and Motorsport engineering at MSc level. The content seemed to be very appropriate for my interests and the location of Brookes was also another deciding factor.

    The highlights of studying at Brookes on the one side is the learning content: I have learnt a lot, and on the other side is getting to know the rest of the engineers, who are pursuing the same or similar aims as I am. You get to know the competition between the other universities thanks to Formula Student, and being able to work in teams with very different personalities and cultural backgrounds. We have students from all over the world studying here trying to get the best out of themselves, which is good.

    Engineering students in India



    I have always admired engines since I was a child. The passion for engines and the science behind making them work was one of the primary reasons why I chose to do Mechanical Engineering. At the end of my Bachelors, I felt the need to study more about engines and their performance optimisation. The MSc Racing Engine Systems course is the only programme of its kind in the world and is developed with the needs and requirements of race engine manufacturers in mind. It was a dream come true to study on this course!

    I really enjoyed the breadth of topics covered on the course. The academic team is closely informed by the motorsports industry and everything we studied was highly specific to the latest Formula 1 specifications.

    Oxford Brookes is the only university to have published work on Formula 1 engines with regards to optimising performance. During my time here I have been able to contribute to two papers on this subject which are due to be published.



    Before I came here I studied B.E Automobile Engineering at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai in India. The course content, reputation and motorsport inclination were the primary factors for choosing this course.

    The course has been a fantastic experience thanks to the level of detail of the modules and the quality of professors and facilities. I have been working in the motorsport management field since the 2011 Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix. My skills in this field have developed over the various events I have been a part of.

    The quality of friends I have made over and being pushed to limit with difficult coursework have made my time at Brookes a great experience so far. It is important for new international students to understand that the first few weeks are required to get acclimatised to the university, country and general ways of living.



    I chose Brookes because it is the best in mechanical, automotive and racing engineering. The mechanical engineering course concentrates on advanced design concept, which I was interested in focusing on; this made Brookes the best choice for me.

    I feel that I have learnt more about design at Brookes than I would have at any other institution and the advanced design module is my favourite module. The course covers all the modules you need to succeed, such as the advanced engineering design, CAD/CAM, solidworks and other advanced engineering design software. The tutors are very helpful, always available and willing to help even if the question isn’t about their module. After exams the feedback is always constructive and clear, if I wanted to rate the tutors I would give them ten-out-of-ten.

    The highlights of studying at Brookes is the group course work; these projects are like working in a small company or with team mates. Team work promotes team spirit as well as the opportunity to work with other students who bring different ideas and dynamics to the work. We have access to all journals, computers and software that we need for our course. There is never any problem in getting access to a computer or equipment. We have a well stocked library with the best authors and books.



    Before coming to Brookes I studied for my undergraduate degree in India. Whilst studying for my first degree I was very clear what I wanted to do: specialise in engine design. Brookes is the only university that offers racing engine design and the other universities were into vehicle dynamics and other parts of the car and I wanted to specialise in engine design so I chose Brookes. The course and modules are really perfect.

    The course is combination of engine, powertrain and basically all you need to know as an engineer. It also has other modules such as the business management, which is good if you want to go and start up your own business. So you get a balance between engineering and business modules. The optional modules such as data acquisition just add value to your CV and knowledge. The tutors are really good, they are up to date with what is happening in industry; what they need to teach; what industry needs from the students; they design the coursework so it is in line with what is going on in industry. After students leave Brookes they will go into a company and not need much training. We have some really experienced professors who know what and how to teach which is really good, they are also very helpful when you have doubts or need any support.

    The highlights of studying at Brookes, first of all is the relationship that Brookes has with the motorsport industry; racing teams, automotive companies and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), you have interaction with both sides. Industry has a few projects that are currently happening; students link up with companies for their dissertations as well. Another highlight is Oxford Brookes Racing team; it might be one of the reasons why students choose to come to Brookes, because it is one of the best teams in the UK. Students engineer their own racing car and go to competitions and compete with other teams from around the world so you are putting your theoretical knowledge into practice which is really good. The advice I would give anyone who is thinking of taking this course is you shouldn’t worry about which modules you should / shouldn’t take, the faculty is really helpful in supporting you to choose the right modules for you. You are taught everything that you need to know in each of the modules and areas that you need in industry. Here at Brookes there are so many opportunities for you to improve your skills, learn new things and if you are part of the Oxford Brookes Racing team then automatically you will get a lot of exposure in the industry. You get the chance to do a lot of things that other students don’t get to do. You also get a lot of opportunities to network with industry. I would highly recommend that students come to Brookes.

    Engineering students in Italy



    Before coming to Brookes I studied for a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in Italy and after graduation I worked for two years as a motor bike mechanic in Australia. I chose Oxford Brookes because it is the only university to offer the Master’s that I am studying (Racing Engine Design) in Europe.

    The course is more difficult than I expected because the workload is very high, however I love it as it is very interesting and motivating. My favourite module is the racing engine design because engines are my passion, and in this module we have the opportunity to learn what real engines are. What I particularly like is the technology that you find in F1 or space shuttles are treated as normal which is very exciting.

    My employment prospects have been positively influenced by my studies as it is a high level degree which means I can look at top level positions. Studying abroad has given me the opportunity to be proficient in another language other than Italian. It has also opened doors to the potential of working in other countries. The University offers a lot of meetings with all types of companies in the industry which is great to connect with potential future employers. My advice to someone who wants to study Racing Engine Design at Oxford Brookes is if you are as crazy as I am for engines then there is no better place to study than Oxford Brookes. I really like the university, campus and facilities and I suggest to anyone to come to study here.

    Engineering students in Mexico



    Before I came here, I studied a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico. I worked as a Supplier development trainee at Robert Bosch Mexico 2011 until 2012, and as a Design Engineer at General Motors Mexico from 2012 until 2014.

    I chose Brookes because, firstly, its reputation as one of the best institutions for Motorsport Engineering, not only in the UK but in the world. Also, its strategic location within the so called “Motorsports Valley” made it the obvious choice to develop my career in motorsport. Though very demanding, I have really enjoyed the course here. Practice and theory are balanced, so we get to put to the test what we learn in the classroom and gain invaluable experience for our future careers.

    I would say that the best bit of Brookes is the networking opportunities it provides, both professionally through industrial lectures, placements, experienced lecturers, and personally with a multicultural environment that allows students from different countries and cultures explore what other people think or how they perceive the world. I would say that the best thing you could do while being at Brookes is try to make the most of all the university has to offer: extracurricular activities, exceptional lecturers, good facilities, etc. The experience gained will definitely help your future career.

    Engineering students in Nigeria



    It started in 2012 when I came for the Formula Student competition at Silverstone: I was representing my university back in Nigeria. The best motorsport team in the UK was Oxford Brookes University, and so I thought why don’t I go for it and that’s why I chose Oxford Brookes for my MSc level.

    I think that the course is extraordinary, amazing, challenging, inspiring, it’s great! I feel that I am learning a lot and wherever I go in the future I know I will use what I have learnt at Brookes. I think my tutors are really great, they are open at all times, even if you don’t book an appointmenty. Here you can email, call, text or go to his office anytime to get something straighten out. The level of support is amazing, I really like my lecturers and my fellow students they are good, if you do not understand something you can go to someone who understands and ask them and they help you find the answer.

    My advice to someone who is thinking of studying at Brookes is it is a great place to be if you want to study engineering especially for motorsport or automotive engineering.

    Computing students in Nigeria



    Before coming to Brookes, I studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. The course for which I came to study at Oxford Brookes University reflects my aspiration in ways no other in the UK and indeed Europe does. So I came to Brookes because I found the course so uniquely attractive and with the prospects to enable me rise to my challenges. Oxford itself with its great history added to that already accepted invitation. I thought the course was fantastic! Because Mobile Communication has come to stay and is not about to go away any soon, I consider the formulation of this programme as a very proactive initiative. I think the course provides the right content which is very relevant to modern telecommunication application. It was very pleasant to meet lecturers with a good mix of industrial and teaching experience.

    The staff are highly supportive, always willing and ready to listen and offer proper advice. Students’ voices are heard and considered in decision making which created a better atmosphere for teaching and learning. As a student representative I saw positive changes come about because students were encouraged to make contributions in all areas that touch on the students’ academic life. The racial diversity at Oxford Brookes University is great. Meeting happy people from all over the world makes Brookes and exceptional place to study.

    Students in want of qualitative education should look in the direction of Oxford Brookes University. From whatever part of the world, Brookes welcomes all to learn and aspire. It is the place where a world of knowledge opens to the mind that is willing.

    Engineering students in Portugal



    I first finished my degree in Automotive Engineering back in Portugal and was looking to enrol on an MSc abroad. At the time I had some friends that were just finishing their studies at Brookes and they gave me really good references on the teaching quality and how passionate the professors were about their lectures, so I looked into it. The fact that Oxford is right in the middle of the Motorsport valley and that Brookes has such good connection to both the motorsport and the manufacturing industry also played a very important role.

    One of the things I liked at Brookes was how flexible the MSc was and how you could tailor it to meet your expectations. Towards the end of the MSc I decided I would like to invest some time working with engines, even though most of my modules covered vehicle dynamics topics. So, for my dissertation I ended up picking an engine related topic that gave me really valuable insight. Even though this was not my area of expertise, I always had the help and support of my mentor on all my questions and it definitely gave me a head start for the job I am in now.

    Another really enjoyable experience was being part of the OBR Formula Student team. Being part of FS gives you the opportunity to take your skills from the theory to the real world and in the end you actually get to build an amazing car to show it. There were a lot of sleepless nights and hard work, but seeing how dedicated everyone was and how we overcame so many challenges together as a team was really inspiring and taught me a lot about working together with people. I’ve made amazing friends there that I’m sure I’ll keep for life.



    I chose to study at Oxford Brookes because it is a highly recognised in the Motorsport industry generating amazing opportunities for future careers.As an MSc student I couldn’t have asked for more dedicated and knowledgeable lecturers. Industry collaborations brought exciting and inspirational speakers every week that kept the motivation levels at the highest. The state of the art equipment such as the 4-post rig make the student experience one that would be difficult to match elsewhere.

    The best bits of studying at Brookes are the very hands on experience both with vehicles and testing equipment, the industry contacts that you gain here and all the skills developed throughout the degree.

    Getting my first job was the best feeling, working within the department as Technical Instructor. It’s really positive to know that everything you’ve learnt through school, college and university can be put to good use somewhere. Having the freedom to investigate my preferred subjects in depth is a fantastic experience and having a great supervisory team guiding me are the best moments so far.

    Engineering students in Saudi Arabia



    Before I came here, I studied an International Baccalaureate Diploma in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    I chose Brookes as the course had some of the best prospects to work in the automotive and Formula 1 industry after graduating. Brookes also provided me with the opportunity to have an accredited degree course, and for an international student, this is very beneficial. I found lecturers to be very helpful and involved – something I did not expect and was told would not happen at university! The course was always improving and the staff always asked students where they could make improvements. There was attention to improving the overall student experience, including the educational resources.

    I completed my placement year with BMW. I previously saw the year in industry as perhaps delaying completion of my degree or only if one needed to save some extra money. I have met many different people with vast experience through working in industry, and this has helped to extend my network and build connections. But even more important, I was able to apply what I learnt at university to a specific industry and decide what I enjoyed and wanted to pursue.

    Engineering students in Spain



    I came to Brookes to study the MSc in Motorsport Engineering course after finishing my engineering undergraduate studies at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. During my last year at Barcelona I started working at a race team where I got my first experience with racing cars. Going to Brookes however had been decided many years before, since they started a partnership with a Spanish company that at that time was sponsoring Fernando Alonso, my first day at university in Barcelona I was given a leaflet explaining the partnership with Brookes, from that day it was pretty much decided.

    I went to Brookes with some trackside experience which surely helped me during the first months but to be honest; I don’t think you need to have previous experience to attend the Master’s. From my experience, after some weeks most of the class would have a similar level as we kept pushing each other to progress and get as much as we could from our experience at Oxford Brookes.

    During the second semester I combined my studies with a trackside job as a race engineer in an international single-seater series. All the module leaders were always very flexible and would help me when I was struggling to keep up with the academic work due to the constant travelling required to attend testing days and race weekends. Also my classmates were always very helpful, for example they would share their notes when I had to miss classes or keep me updated via Skype on what had been done in class. Overall I must say that everyone helped me a lot during the past year and I feel grateful for that: one must not forget that in order to achieve a certain goal you require the help of many people at different stages and it almost impossible to achieve great things by working isolated.



    Before coming to Brookes I studied engineering in Barcelona and did a placement year in Canada. After graduating I worked for 3 years for Chrysler then I decided to come and study for my Master’s. I spent several months looking for the best university that did engineering Master’s particularly those that focused in the engine phenomena and found out that Brookes was in the top ten which is why I chose Brookes.

    I really like the course as it is challenging and every day you learn something new. It is also challenging yourself to learn different ways of doing things. The tutors are wonderful, they have lots theoretical knowledge and professional experience. One of the modules that I have loved the most is racing engine design, which is the core module of my Master’s. Several other modules cover different aspects from engine world, engine design and data acquisition which are also very interesting and challenging.

    My employment opportunities have increased now I have more chances to get a really good job than before. Because of the knowledge that you gain here at Brookes there are very few places in the world where you can get this.



    Before coming to Brookes I studied for an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in Spain After graduation I worked for a year as a Research Engineer at my previous university before deciding to come to Brookes to finalise my specialisation in powertrain. I chose Brookes because of the reference from alumni, who came from my university in Spain, they recommended the institution very highly and I also did my own research; looking at people who studied here and the jobs that they got after graduation and the excellent reputation that the course has.

    The course has been great, not only from the academic perspective but also from the experience perspective as well. We have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge that we learn in class. The research facilities are great and the possibilities that the university offers are really good to apply the engineering principles in practice, including applying them through the formula student programme as well, this has really impressed me. The Formula Student programme is really demanding but rewarding.

    The biggest highlight that I could mention is the possibility to join the Formula Student team. I got the opportunity to design and actually manufacture a whole system and it was put into the car. The whole design and manufacture project was incredibly difficult as you can imagine as I have not been involved in that process before. I have learnt a lot and it has been really good for my interpersonal skills as well as my technical skills.



    Before coming to Brookes I studied five year degree in Industrial Engineering. After graduating I worked for a year as a maintenance engineer. I chose Brookes because in the engine field it is one of the better postgraduate courses you can take in Europe.

    I am very happy with the Master’s programme that I did here in Oxford. The support that I have received is really good, the lecturers help you a lot and if you have any questions they will help you. It is always good when employers look at your CV and you have a course like Racing Engine Design listed, as it is very specific and there aren’t a lot of people that have this Master’s.

    I encourage everyone to come here to study Racing Engine Design. You have the opportunity to specialise in an area that you like; you will have to work hard but you will be rewarded.

    Engineering students in the UK



    Before I came here I knew Brookes ran a great course in motorsport engineering and that the Department had good links with the industry. On top of this, when I was studying there we had the opportunity to learn in a brand new building.

    I found the course really interesting. It was a lot of hard work but that aspect teaches you key values to take into industry. It was also incredibly valuable to have the chance to be involved in the Formula Student programme. My advice for others is to do Formula student as early as you can and as much as you can.Once leaving Brookes I landed a job at the Lotus Formula 1 team as a Graduate Design Engineer. Four months later I then moved to the Force India Formula 1 Team as a Junior Composites Design Engineer.

    Since leaving Brookes I have been consulting with the Formula Student team by passing on the knowledge I have learnt since leaving Brookes. I feel like Brookes played a key part in where I am today, so I feel it’s very important to give a little back after graduating as it may inspire more students to realise that their dreams are possible!



    We get lots of experience working with specialist programs like MATLAB and CATIA, which are used in industry. For my dissertation, I designed some improved joints for a Bamboo bike which has been developed by Brookes engineers. I used the software program Abaqus to test the stresses and ensure that the joints will stay strong and not fail.

    I was involved in a project called Formula Student, where we design and build a racing car. Everything that you learn in class you apply to Formula Student. Unlike other universities, most of the parts are actually made by our students, which is great experience.



    I decided to go to Oxford Brookes because of the reputation of the MSc program, the Formula Student team, and the University's connections to F1 teams.

    The Formula Student team was incredibly helpful in hunting for jobs. The experience gave me great topics to discuss in cover letters and in interviews, which led to multiple offers, giving me a choice of high level motor sport jobs to choose from.

    I was able to secure work at Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team in the Ferrari F1 Academy program doing rotations in aerodynamic development, wind tunnel testing, and composite manufacture.



    I'm a Graduate Mechanical Designer at LOTUS F1 Team working on Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). Coming to Oxford Brookes for my MSc was one of the best decisions of my life. Never in my wildest dreams would I have pictured myself 12 months on, working for one of the top F1 teams in a job that gives me more creativity and design input then the vast majority of general engineering graduate jobs out there. What got me the job? For certain, what got me the job was my experience at Brookes and the MSc I completed there. It wasn't all perfect – which is true of any course at any university – but it did allow me to achieve my goal in a way that I don't think would have been possible anywhere else.

    The experience of the course itself was exceptional. The material that I was taught and the people who taught it were second to none. If I ever had any worries, lecturers and staff were friendly and approachable, which is absolutely crucial in order to feel at ease and enjoy a course at university. I also really benefitted from getting involved with Formula Student. A successful engineer must have a practical know-how as well as theoretical ability, and Formula Student is probably the best opportunity a university can offer to put the in-depth theoretical science you are learning into practice.

    If I had advice for anyone starting their course at Brookes it would be to make the most of the incredible opportunities available. If you put in minimal hours and go for an easy ride, then you probably won't enjoy yourself and I'm afraid engineering may not be the right career path for you anyway. But if you take advantage of what's on offer and put in as much as you want to get out, then Brookes has something special to offer: a path to a dream industry that is taken for granted by many!

    Engineering students in the US



    Before I came to Brookes I studied at the University of Miami, Florida, USA, where I studied BSc Mechanical Engineering. After graduation I was working for Honda R&D as an engine design engineer when I decided to come this way. I saw a clear, consistent path into Formula 1, following other well-known American and Canadian Brookes graduates all over the grid.

    I found the course different to studying in the USA, in that the work was very hands on and complemented with Formula Student activities, this in turn allowed me to put my studies to work. I quite enjoyed my dissertation project, which allowed me to have a free-thinking approach to a problem which had clear applicability to the motorsport industry. It directly contributed to my hiring at Mercedes. The networking with industry and alumni is invaluable. You don’t just walk into F1. The landscape for F1 is quite volatile, you need to be good in your studies, have tons of practical experience (either at Brookes or prior to coming here) and really be the cream of the crop.

    It is seriously hard work to get good grades, participate in Formula Student and leverage the alumni network to locate suitable industrial assistance and even jobs. The best part is it is not impossible, and the alumni network scattered across the industry further validates that. My best moments were winning the 2014 World Championship and then starting the 2015 season in dominating fashion with a car that I designed parts for and worked on. I am currently a Graduate Concept Design Engineer at Mercedes-Benz AMG F1 team.



    I chose to study at Brookes for various reasons. For one I was very attracted to the idea of living and studying abroad. I had spoken to a few previous students of Brookes who had nothing but good things to say about the university. My goal is to work in motorsport and with the industry connections that Brookes has with motorsport it is a fantastic place to be.

    The subject matter is exactly what I wanted to learn. We learn about component design and about the engine and powertrain system as a whole. We do a lot of analysis and a lot of practical aspects of powertrain engineering as well. The tutors are experts in their specific areas of subject and they are also very helpful in making sure you understand the material and working with you outside your regularly scheduled classes.

    The highlights of studying at Brookes include the opportunity to work outside the classroom with the other students and professors that are here. It is really fantastic group of people who are all of diverse backgrounds and bring a lot to the table. They give you the opportunity to learn so much more than what is on the course content. It is hard to choose a favourite module in my MSc as I like aspects of all of them so much. The one thing I enjoy outside my studies is my involvement with FS team and what that brings for an opportunity to apply what I am learning in my course.

    Mathematics students in the UK



    Before I came to Brookes, I studied A-Levels in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy and Ethics at St. Joseph's Catholic College, Swindon.

    The content of the course looked great applying theory to tasks and problems in the real world. Additionally, Oxford is an epic city with a great student vibe!

    After graduating from Brookes with a 1st, I moved straight into a financial analyst role for Interactive Data in the Trading Solutions department that involved solving technical issues with stock market data for our clients. For just over a year, I have been working for Nationwide Building Society as a Risk Analyst in the Financial and Strategic Risk Oversight team.



    Before I came to Brookes, I studied For my A-levels, I studied Mathematics, further Mathematics and Geography at Retford Post 16 centre in North Nottinghamshire. I chose Brookes by I putting it down as a choice on UCAS without visiting because I knew a few people who were studying or had studied at Brookes. When I visited Brookes on an applicant day the feel of the place and the friendliness of the Mathematics department made me feel that Brookes was right for me!

    Loved the course! The modules at Brookes were interesting and challenging, the support that was on offer by the lecturers was impeccable. Each step is clearly explained, and with the lecture sizes, you were able to ask questions right away if you did not understand something. The campuses have a very friendly feel. By the end of your university course it will become the norm to see at least someone you know, whenever you are walking between buildings and campuses.

    After finishing at Brookes I started a school centred initial teacher training program in Nottingham and am now a Mathematics teacher in Nottingham. I went on to train as a teacher at a school in Nottingham, and have now got a job at the school, which led my training!



    Before I came to Brookes, I studied A-Levels at Lord William's School Thame, Oxfordshire. On the visit day, I felt like they really wanted me to be a part of the University. I also felt confident I would receive high quality teaching and support.

    The course was fantastic, especially the quality of the Mathematics teaching. The best bit is the expertise and availability of the course tutors.

    I completed the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) in the year following graduation and gained Qualified Teacher Status. I have been teaching ever since and I am currently Team Leader of Key Stage 4 Mathematics in a state secondary school. My advice is wherever you chose to study, make sure it is the right place for you. However I cannot recommend Brookes highly enough.



    Before I came to Brookes, I studied Maths, Physics and Chemistry A-Levels at Monkton Combe School, Bath. I chose Brookes because I had the right grades for the course, the City of Oxford was a good place too and I knew people at the local church I was going to attend.

    I enjoyed most aspects of the course. I enjoyed the friendships with both students and lecturers the most! Although I enjoyed being at University, I really valued getting on with starting in a full time job and learning new skills and applying practical skills and knowledge in the workplace. I applied for a job in Oxford working as an office and events manager for a charity I was involved in for years (started two years after my final exam). I am now working in London as a Personal Assistant to the Director of a charity.

    My advice for others would be to work hard (but not too hard) and make the most of the time - full time jobs are hard!



    Before coming to Brookes I was studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Drama A-Levels in Hertfordshire. I chose Brookes for a number of reasons, the main being the lecturers. When I came on the open day I really got on with them and immediately felt happy and safe with them.

    The course is fantastic, Mathematics is absolutely fascinating. I think I would’ve really struggled without the bursary from Brookes, it’s meant that I could focus more on my studies and only needing to work a part-time job a little bit.

    The best bits of studying at Brooke is that for me, I’m a lover of the union events and societies, but if you’re not particularly interested in clubbing then there’s still plenty of ways to wind down after a week of lectures. My advice for others is pick a university where you feel comfortable and happy, somewhere that inspires you to learn, don’t let friends or family influence that decision. That’s what I did and it’s been the best year of my life.