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About energy support for community buildings

The impact of EiE's Enrich support

Read case studies from the Enrich project

Community buildings differ from others in two main respects.  Firstly the buildings are managed by committees that often include volunteers and have very limited budgets.  Secondly members of the community frequent the building, making it in many ways a hub of activity.

Enrich - Energy efficiency support for village halls and community buildings (2012 to 2017)

EiE worked in partnership with TOE2 and Community First Oxfordshire (CFO, formerly ORCC) to provide energy efficiency support to village halls and community centres across Oxfordshire.  The aim of the project was to increase the impact of funding for energy efficiency building improvements by supporting the priorities of energy saving for operations of buildings as well as in planning improvements.  A challenge of the project is balancing the reduction of energy use with aim to increase community use of the buildings. 

Two main project elements:

- Energy audits

Halls and centres were provided with a subsidised energy audit to prioritise actions leading to reduced energy use.  EiE reinforced each visit with a detailed audit report and provides follow up for 6 months to help hall committees with implementation.

- Workshops
Jumpers and Scarves is a half day workshop aimed at helping community buildings realise energy efficiency savings through management of current energy use and considering efficiency opportunities in planned building upgrades.  As decisions in community buildings are made by committees who have limited time to consider options and understand energy implications, the workshop highlights key energy efficiency practices and includes a focus on group decision making.

Enrich summary

- 166 Audits delivered to community buildings across Oxfordshire
- 7 workshops provided to 75 delegates

Social capital
An indicator of the benefits from the project is improving benefits to the community through:

- Sustaining hall finances
- Increasing public use of halls
- Wider range of hall activity
- Enriching volunteer skills base

A full report detailing all outcomes to date can be viewed here.

Please contact us for more information.