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ENRICH Project Report 2012/2013

Project overview

By the end of the financial year 2013/14 EiE will have worked with over 80 Community Buildings. This is through a combination of audits, workshops, producing exemplars and providing general assistance on energy efficiency matters. EiE’s work has helped communities identify the best solutions to improve energy efficiency in their buildings and obtain funding to make these solutions a reality.

Audits conducted and scheduled


Conducted / Remaining

LEAF (Feb-Mar 2012) Audits

LEAF (Feb-Mar 2012) Exemplars



TOE2 Audits (Apr-Oct 2012)


ENRICH Audits (Feb 2013-Mar 2014)




Grey markers represent LEAF audits, brown markers audits conducted in 2012 and green markers audits conducted so far in 2013.

Audit Results

As part of our follow-up work EiE has contacted each community building 6 months after the initial audit to see how many of our recommended actions have been taken forward. This has been done through the use of SurveyMonkey questionnaires.

Response results from 19 halls

*15 from 2012, 4 from 2013 and 1 from 2011 (part of the LEAF exemplars)

In our personalised questionnaires for each hall we list the actions EiE have suggested and provide three possible response options: Completed, intending to complete and not intending to complete (+ no response). The following pie chart shows that of the actions we have suggested 72% have been completed or will be completed.

Advice Uptake Chart

Audit Case Studies

LED Lighting: Kennington Village Hall

Kennington Village Hall needed to upgrade its lighting to reduce its electricity bills. The main hall was lit using 32 x 70W 6ft T8 fluorescent tubes and 10 x 300W halogen spotlights. The toilets were lit using 11 X 28W 2D lights.

LED lights have been installed in both locations. The T8 fluorescent tubes in the hall have been replaced with 30W LED tubes (in the same fittings) and the halogen spotlights with 50W LED alternatives.  The toilet lights have been replaced with 18W LED alternatives and the traditional light switches have been replaced with PIR sensors.

From comparing the 1st quarters of 2012 and 2013 there is evidence of a decrease in electricity use which is likely due to the changes in lighting.

Pre-installation: 1st quarter 2012 – 5114kWh
Post-installation: 1st quarter 2013 – 4204kWh
Reduction of 18%
Saving of £109.20* in first quarter
*based on electricity rate of 12p


‘Little’ Measures: Littlemore Village Hall

Littlemore VH

Littlemore Village Hall is becoming increasingly used by the local community and to keep rental costs low for users energy costs needed to be reduced.

A series of energy efficiency measures have been implemented all of which have been funded by TOE2:



Insulation of exposed central heating pipes

Installation of reflective panels behind 10 radiators

Replacement of worn threshold to main entrance


Supply and fitting of loft insulation above ladies toilets and store

£295.00 (+ VAT)



Reflective panels behind radiators redirect heat back into the room increasing the heat retained in the building. They are particularly effective when used on uninsulated exterior walls.

Littlemore radiator

From carrying out the above measures it is estimated that £100/yr will be saved by the first 3 measures and £160/yr by the loft insulation on heating bills. This means that these improvements will payback in less than 2 years.

Workings: The annual heating bill is estimated at £2000/yr. Savings of £100/yr (5% of heating bill) are based on Energy Saving Trust figures for draught proofing. Savings of £160/yr are based on the assumption that heating requirements of the toilets and store room are responsible for 20% of total heating output (costing £400/yr) as other areas in the hall already have insulation. According to the Energy Saving Trust loft insulation will reduce heating requirements by 40% so 0.4 x £400 = £160. 



Workshops conducted and scheduled

2 conducted in 2012
12th July at All Saints Youth and Community Hall, Didcot
10th October at Wootton and Dry Sandford Community Centre

3 conducted in 2013
7th February at Freeland Hall
21st March at Steeple Aston Sports and Recreation Centre
26th June at West Oxford Community Centre

2 scheduled
14th November 2013 at Cuxham Village Hall
13th February 2014 at Sibford Village Hall

+1 ‘Showcase’ event to be scheduled in March/ April 2014

Brown markers represent workshops conducted in 2012, green markers workshops conducted or to be conducted in 2013 and grey markers workshops to be conducted in 2014.

Workshop results

Appropriateness of content

Each workshop contained 6 topic/ activity areas which participants were asked to grade on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being irrelevant and 5 being very relevant. Taking the average scores given by all participants for all topic areas it can be seen that most attendees felt the topics covered were ‘very relevant’ and ‘mostly relevant’.

Halls taking action

Workshop Feedback

At the end of each workshop we asked each attendee to write down 3 energy efficiency actions for their building. We have then since conducted a follow-up with those halls that have not been audited to see how they have progressed with these actions.

Of the 7 halls contacted from our workshops at Wootton and Dry Sandford Community Centre, Freeland Hall and Steeple Aston Sports and Recreation Centre:

“We replaced all the light fittings with lights using lower energy but giving better light in the main hall.  We now have more switches so we can be more discriminate and are  able to light some lights rather than having to put all the lights on.  We have seen our energy consumption reduced.  We take weekly meter readings. I can't remember what happened about the roof insulation so thank you for the reminder.”

From our workshop in West Oxford Community Centre 6 halls who have not been audited have recently been contacted and we await their responses.
Audit and Workshop Comments


"We are very pleased to have had the advice of EiE as it cleared up a number of issues and gave us a clear indication of what we should do to make the Hall more energy efficient." - MF, Wooton Village Hall

"The energy audit was most comprehensive; Moira and her colleague Luke looked at everything in the hall that consumed energy, and everywhere that it could be conserved. We were very impressed with their thoroughness and enthusiasm, and encouragingly, they felt that our plans for the hall were along the right lines." - JC, Arncott Village Hall

"The recommendations sound sensible and not too costly and provide a sound basis for a funding application." - SM, Cutteslowe Community Centre

"Thank you very much for the draft report which I can honestly say covers everything and more than I imagined. This will be extremely useful to us in the further running and upkeep of our hall." - PW, Great Haseley Village Hall

"The energy audit is in its final stages and has produced some very helpful information and guidance." - DR, East Hagbourne Pavilion

"Could not thank you enough for your help and encouragement!" - CC, St. Leonards Church

"Just to let you know that you should be hearing from Roy Wilkinson about your very good report on the Village Hall." - SC, Eynsham Baptist Church and Hall


“I very much enjoyed the workshop last month and took away some good ideas and met some very interesting people." - SN, Watchfield Village Hall

“Found training very interesting and helpful. Good presentation. Opportunities for discussion and to ask questions.”

“Very useful not only re energy but generally and meeting other people in similar situations.”

“Interesting to be here and certainly raised some ideas and thoughts to take forward.”

“A very useful morning hearing other groups problems and solutions.”

“Excellent, inspiring, pleasant people too!”

“Well organised and trainers kept on track even when other people ‘strayed to other topics’”

“Very good overall. Hoping I can follow up with contacts for progress at our hall.”

“It delivered just what it promised and was a valuable networking opportunity.” 

Appendix of halls that have been audited and attended workshops

Audits and Exemplars

LEAF Exemplars
Britwell Salome Village Hall
Checkendon Village Hall
Cuxham Village Hall
Wootton and Dry Sandford Community Centre

LEAF Audits
Chilton Village Hall
Eynsham Village Hall
St Peter’s Church, Alvescot
Woodstock Community Centre

2012 Audits
Barford St John and St Michael Village Hall
Bourton Village Hall
Chesterton Village Hall
Childrey Village Hall
Crowmarsh Gifford Village Hall
Cuxham Village Hall
Forest Hill Village Hall
Kennington Village Hall
Kirtlington Village Hall
Littlemore Village Hall
Shiplake Village Hall
Shrivenham Memorial Hall
Shutford Village Hall
South Leigh Village Hall
South Newington Village Hall
Steeple Aston Sports and Recreation Centre
Stewart Village Hall
St Leonards Church Woodcote
Stoke Row Village Hall
Sunningwell Village Hall
Whites Field Community Hall
Woodstock Road Baptist Church

2013 Audits (conducted and scheduled so far)
Arncott Village Hall
Ashbury Village Hall
Bampton Village Hall
Benson Parish Hall and Sports Pavilion
Blewbury Village Hall
Buckland Memorial Hall and Pool
Cutteslowe Community Centre
East Challow Village Hall
East Hagbourne Pavilion
Eynsham Baptist Church
Finstock Village Hall
Goring Village Hall
Great Haseley Village Hall
Greet Memorial Hall
Hanney War Memorial Hall
Harwell Village Hall
Headington Quarry Village Hall
Highmoor Village Hall
Holton Village Hall
Kingham Village Hall
Mollington Village Hall
Piddington Village Hall
Radley Village Hall
Rotherfield Peppard Sports Pavilion
Sandford on Thames Village Hall
Seven Stars Public House
Sibford Village Hall
Sonning Common Village Hall
Thame Players
The Pavilion, Crowmarsh
Watchfield Village Hall and Sports Pavilion
Wootton Village Hall
Wroxton Village Hall



* notes halls which have been represented at workshops and have had an audit

12th July 2012 at All Saints Youth and Community Hall
All Saints Youth and Community Hall
Bourton Village Hall*
Chilton Village Hall*
Enstone Parish Council
Eye and Dunsden Village Hall
Harwell Village Hall*
Loyd Lindsey Rooms, Ardington
Shrivenham Memorial Hall*
Sunningwell Village Hall*
Uffington Village Hall

10th October 2012 at Wootton and Dry Sandford Community Centre
Childrey Village Hall*
Coleshill Village Hall
Letcombe Regis
Littlemore Village Hall*
Low Carbon Chilterns Co-operative
Marcham Village Institute*
Preston Road Community Centre
Snells Hall
Shrivenham Memorial Hall*
South Leigh Parish Council
South Leigh Village Hall*
Southmoor Village Hall
South Stoke Village Hall*

7th February 2013 at Freeland Hall
Ashbury Village Hall*
Cherwell District Council
Cutteslowe Community Centre*
Eynsham Church Hall*
Finstock Parish Council
Finstock Village Hall*
Littleworth Reading Room
Sandford on Thames Village Hall*
Sibford Village Hall*
TEA Eynsham
Warborough Parish Council
Witney Town Council
Woodstock Town Council

21st March 2013 at Steeple Aston Sports and Recreation Centre
Balscote Village Hall
Barford St John and St Michael Village Hall*
Cartshed, Preston Crowmarsh
Littleworth Reading Room
Moulsford Pavilion
Steeple Aston Village Hall*
Watchfield Village Hall*
Wroxton Village Hall*

26th June 2013 at West Oxford Community Centre
Appleton Village Hall
Buckland Memorial Hall and Pool*
East Oxford Community Centre
Hanney War Memorial Hall*
Headington Quarry Village Hall*
Mapledurham Parish Hall
Mortimer Village Hall
Old Mill Hall, Grove
Oxford City Council
Rotherfield War Memorial Hall
Shutford Village Hall*
Stadhampton Church
Wigginton Village Hall