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TRACTOR Case Study - Reducing water heating costs

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The problem
Heating and hot water at a large Oxfordshire golf club are supplied to the clubhouse by an oil fired boiler. Throughout the year monthly oil bills were very high for the size of site, and number of users.

EiE's solution
EiE traced the high oil usage to the club's water heating. Oil costs remained high all year round, even in summer when heating is switched off, meaning the majority of energy was used for heating water. A review of hot water timings and settings was recommended, particularly for out of hours usage to save 28% of hot water costs.

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  1. Check water heating times match hours of use for your organisation. If water heating is on unnecessarily install a timer to switch off out of hours. Even electric immersion heaters can be fitted with timers. Reducing water heating hours by just 1 hour per day can reduce water heating costs by 4%.
  2. Insulate hot water tanks and exposed hot water pipes to reduce heat loss.
  3. Reduce water heater temperature settings in line with requirements on legionella. Reducing water temperature by 6 °C can reduce water heating costs by up to 5%.
  4. Repair leaky taps to reduce wasted water.
  5. Solar hot water systems can reduce the costs of heating water.

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