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TRACTOR Project Case Study - Waste

Tractor with hay image

The problem
A large Oxfordshire dairy farm harvests and purchases hay for cattle feed and bedding. Hay is stored under polythene sheeting which breaks and causes large amounts of wasted hay each year.

EiE's solution
EiE assessed the cost of lost hay through decomposition and vermin, compared to the cost of hay purchased to replace loss. It was found that the cost of loss and weather protection was over £20,000 per year. Investment costs for a structure for hay storage were estimated at around £50,000, paying back within 2 years.

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Actions to reduce waste

  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Minimising waste thrown away saves money. Reducing waste in the first place reduces outlay and the cost of of disposal.
  2. Most forms of disposal, including recycling will incur some costs. Reusing costs nothing. Even if you cannot reuse a material, someone else might be able to. Use the Oxfordshire Retrader to list items for free to other businesses.
  3. Recycling is always cheaper than disposal. For a full list of contractors click here.
  4. Separating recyclables into different materials can further reduce costs, and for certain materials such as metals or plastics, some recyclers may pay for them.

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