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Waste reduction support for Oxfordshire

Waste reduction programme
EiE has been working with Oxfordshire local authorities since 2004 to help improve commercial waste and recycling both in businesses and in local authorities.  The key aims have been:

Partners have included: Oxfordshire County Council, The Oxfordshire Waste Partnership, Cherwell District Council, and West Oxfordshire District Council.

Waste survey 2013 - Survey of waste reduction support needs of Oxfordshire SMEs

EiE conducted a survey with SMEs in Oxfordshire about their current needs.  The aim of the survey was to inform Oxfordshire County Council’s strategy for support waste reduction in businesses. The target audience included those previously engaged with the County on waste issues as well as businesses new to Oxfordshire.

Key outcomes of the survey included:

- 5.6% of respondents had no waste contract at all

- 24.8% of organisations carry out no recycling

- Many organisations report that easily recyclable materials (cardboard, glass, plastic, paper, metals) are included in waste destined for landfill!

Waste reduction programme - EiE provides waste audits and workshops to SMEs

EiE has delivered waste management support to over 1000 organisations.  Much of this work has been part of an Oxfordshire waste reduction programme.  The programme has included two main focuses:

Waste auditing

Face to face site visits were offered to 4000 businesses at no cost.  The audits, arranged and carried out by EiE, included a site visit, interviews with representatives, and an analysis of waste materials.  The aim was to understand the challenges to waste reduction an organisation faces and provide practical actions to reduce waste and costs.  A report with detailed recommendations was sent and EiE followed up with all recipients during the project to provide further support and gather information on progress.

In 2008/2009, audit recipients reported that 70% of actions recommended made by EiE had been acted upon or were intended to be acted upon.


Training on waste reduction and other topics such as legislation, recycling, and engaging users, was designed and provided by EiE.  Over 250 delegates from SMEs attended 10 workshops during the project, again at no cost to the delegates.  The teaching method included a number of group problem solving exercises as well as use of resources, such as lists of recyclers collecting in the area.

Other key highlights of the reduction programme included:


Waste management tools for local authorities - Tools to help local authorities promote waste reduction

EiE works with local authorities to help engage businesses and reduce the quantity of waste going to landfill and incineration.  There are a number of tools that we can provide.  These include:

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