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What is energy efficiency?

An organisation that is energy efficient only uses as much energy as needed to serve its purposes. For example, an organisation using enough energy to create a safe, comfortable and productive working environment without wasting money or increasing carbon emissions on unnecessary energy usage is energy efficient. Unnecessary usage would include heating a building that is not sufficiently insulated, lighting unoccupied areas and leaving unused appliances turned on.

Being energy efficient reduces carbon emissions by a combination of the following methods:

Energy efficiency should be considered not only for the operational period of utilities and appliances in a building, but also regarding carbon emissions produced at the manufacturing and disposal stages. For example, if a building’s heating system is in working order then the carbon emissions generated by disposing of the old system and manufacturing and installing a new system would outweigh the benefits of installing a more energy efficient heating system. It is better to replace a product only when the original can no longer be used.