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Old to new: Headington Quarry Village Hall

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Hot water for the building was provided by a large 90 litre electric hot water tank for the kitchen and a 25 litre electric hot water tank for the toilets. There was no demand by the users for such a large quantity of water. Additionally the hall had no centralized heating system, relying on two independent gas heaters in the main hall and mobile electric heaters which heated the smaller Jubilee room ineffectually. There was no heating in the kitchen or toilets. The energy bills for the hall totalled almost £10,000 a year.


A new combi boiler and radiator system has been installed at the hall providing central heating in all areas and hot water on demand. This has allowed for the removal of the large costly electric water tanks and all independent and mobile heaters.


The new heating system in the Jubilee room means that they can now hire it out where previously it was too cold. An estimated £4,000 a year will be saved off the electricity bill through the elimination of electric hot water and electric space heating with very little increase to the gas bill due to the efficiency of the new system.