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Improving lighting for tenant business

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A modern graphic design company in a rented premises in Banbury had rapidly expanded and had started to use more of the building that they had before. Lighting in the new areas was provided by approximately 30 halogen spotlights on each floor. These were burning out frequently and were difficult to replace. This meant failed bulbs were often left in place for long periods before being replaced, causing problems for staff working in reduce levels of light, and creating a negative impression for clients visiting the building. The company were unsure of changes they could make, particularly as they are tenants, rather than owners, of the property.


EiE staff helped the company to identify LED alternatives to the GU10 and MR16 spot lights in place. These alternatives are 85% more energy efficient and last 15 to 30 times longer, meaning bulbs fail less often and require less maintenance. EiE also identified suitable suppliers who advised on options that involved little change to exisitng light fittings and were acceptable to both the tenant company and the landlord.