Environmental Information Exchange

Energy efficiency audits

Having an external auditor assess your organisation's premises for energy efficiency actions has a number of benefits beyond saving money.  EiE offers energy audits whose aim is to recommend specific actions to improve how energy is used and plan the most energy efficient upgrades.

Benefits of an energy audit include:
- Cost savings
- Reduced environmental impact
- Improving operations
- Positivity among staff, users, and potentially clients

"Our audits define practical, clear, and effective actions"

Energy auditing is more of an art than a science as ultimately people affect energy use, not just buildings and equipment.  EiE specialise reacting to technology, management, and people.  We have experience ensuring our style of communication (both verbally and in written reports) is appropriate to our audience.

We have been providing energy audits since 2005 (see our case studies).  We provide impartial advice.

For more information on our energy audits, please contact us.