Environmental Information Exchange

Waste Self Audit

Before a business can start to reduce waste, and implement recycling systems it is essential to understand how waste is created within the organisation. This will establish how much waste is created, which materials are include in waste, and the costs of waste disposal.

A waste audit should also allow the business to become aware if there are any waste materials which require special treatment by law. For more information see EiE's waste legislation pages.

A waste audit from EiE can help you understand the materials, quantities and costs of waste. In many cases, the 'hidden costs' of waste can be even more expensive than the contracts businesses have in place to dispose of waste. The costs of wasted materials that need to be paid for, and the inefficient processes for managing waste that take many staff hours all represent the hidden costs of waste.

A waste audit can help you identify all the costs associated with waste, before guiding you through methods for reduction and recommending suitable contracts.