Environmental Information Exchange

Waste audits

When an auditor reviews your organisation's waste management system, opportunities for improvement can be found through contract management as well as internal waste procedures.  EiE offers services to audit waste management procedures aimed at reducing waste as well as the hidden costs of inefficient processes.

Benefits of a waste audit:
- Cost savings from better waste contracts as well as better use of resources
- Reduced environmental impacts
- Support for legal compliance
- Improved processes
- Raised awareness of staff, customers, and other stakeholders

"Waste costs to remove, to move around a site, and to buy in in the first place"

Taking action to improve waste practices is challenging.  EiE uses a waste audit to improve waste and recycling contracts as well as reducing inefficient practices.  We can focus on particular materials, or waste issues, as well as user behaviour.  Our approach is robust and appropriate to an organisation's operations and materials.

We have been providing waste audits since 2004 (see our case studies). We provide impartial advice.

For more information on a waste audit, please contact us.