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Waste reduction support for Oxfordshire

food wasteImage EiE


An Oxfordshire County Council building wanted to reduce landfill waste by arranging collection of food waste for recycling.  First, they needed to plan an internal collection system that was hygienic, easy to use, and understood by employees.


Small caddies, identical to those used in domestic collection, were placed in kitchenettes.  Each caddy was fitted with large, clear signs depicting what food items could (and could not) by recycled.  A number of user group meetings were arranged to convey information about the food waste collection system.  Cleaning staff were informed and trained in the procedures for the new collection.

Most staff are now actively participating in the scheme; the most common items are orange and banana peals followed by tea bags and coffee grounds.

EiE measured benefits from the scheme. Council reduced waste by 1160kg per year and are addressing ways to increase engagement of users.