Environmental Information Exchange

A-Z of waste and recycling contractors

EiE has collected detailed information on local recycling services (covering Oxfordshire and beyond) for the materials listed below. Please contact us if you have specific recycling questions or find that the material you are looking for is not listed. Each of the following pages contains information on reducing and reusing materials, as well as contacts for local recyclers for that material.

By listing a company here, EIE is not indicating any formal recommendation of suitability. It should also be noted that Local Authority can banks are for residential/domestic use only.

Note: All organisations listed are either based in Oxfordshire, or have confirmed that their services cover Oxfordshire.

Please note: these lists are the result of our own intensive survey, but it is likely that there are other services out there that we have missed. If you are one of these and you think that the service that you provide would be relevant, then please contact us.