Environmental Information Exchange

Communicating water efficiency to users

Getting users to be concerned about wasting water is difficult.  People constantly use taps, toilets, showers, etc.  However, when there is a particular behaviour that needs to be improved, an effective communications plan can help make improvements happen.  The more specific the plan, the better.

The plan needs to consider these elements:
What is the behaviour that needs to be addressed?  The action is the user being asked to do?

Why is this behaviour a problem?  What are the consequences of wasting water?

What is your organisation doing to address the problem or water efficiency in general?
What other elements of this plan are there?

As with all communications plan, an element of innovation and creativity can be very useful, particularly as users need to be engaged to take action.  The following innovations can help engage users on water issues:

Support for awareness programmes can be found on the Carbon Trust website which provides posters, newsletter and displays that can be used to for water saving programmes.