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Reducing water use for site maintenance

This page contains information for water reduction topics including cleaning, dishwashers, laundry and hose pipes.


Many organisations have staff responsible for cleaning regularly.  Cleaning practices can potentially use water inefficiently.  The following suggestions are to help organisations identify water reduction opportunities.  These may include:


There are a range of water efficient dishwashers available. Look for EU Energy labels rated 'A'. This label indicates water efficiency as well as energy efficiency (link?). Information on water efficient dishwashers is here.

Further tips to ensure dishwashers use as little water as possible include:

Washing machines (Laundry)

Water use in washing machines varies by model. Consider procuring units that are 'A' rated or better for water efficiency (EU energy labels include water efficiency). Also ensure washing machine settings are understood by staff and set appropriately to reduce water use. Some information on water saving washing machines (though with a domestic bias) is at Waterwise.

Hose pipes

Water from hose pipes is mainly used outdoors for plants and gardens. Good practice is to ensure the hose is fitted with a nozzle that only uses water when a trigger is pulled.  Ensure those responsible for watering are aware of the appropriate amount of water to use.

Hose pipes can also be fitted to use collected rain water, which greatly reduces the amount of mains water needed.  The collection and storage of rain water requires some equipment.

The Environment Agency provides further tips on good water management throughout organisations.