Environmental Information Exchange

Reducing water use for processes

There are many methods to reduce the water use for manufacturing and other business processes. The majority of cases need specific reviews of the process. Contact us for information on support EiE can provide to identify water savings through industrial processes.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools in leisure centres, gyms and hotels can use large volumes of water. Some water use is clearly essential but there are a number of ways to reduce the amount of water that is wasted in a swimming pool.

Cover the pool: The average uncovered pool loses around 3 cm of water per week. Covering the pool can save 95% of water lost to evaporation. Covering a swimming pool also reduces requirement for cleaning (and additional water use) whilst reducing heat loss and saving heating costs.

Lower the pool's water level: Lowering the water level reduces losses from splashing .

Lower the pool temperature: Reducing the pool temperature reduces water loss by evaporation, particularly when the pool is not being used.

Check regularly for cracks and leaks: Cracks in pool liners and leaks in water pipes can result in large water losses.

Keep the pool and filters clean to reduce frequency of filter backwashing / Backwash only when necessary: Backwashing to clean pool filters can use large volumes of water. By keeping the pool clean (i.e. removing foreign bodies, rubbish etc) the need to clean filters is reduced. Backwashing of filters should be scheduled only to take place when necessary - rather than out of habit.