Environmental Information Exchange


EiE have worked with a number of organisations to promote water efficiency.  For more detail on some of these examples, please see our Case Studies.


Most offices only use water in toilets and kitchens, however in many cases EiE is able to advise on good management and improved equipment. A common problem is the measuring and monitoring of water use, particularly to help identify leaks.

Leisure and tourism

Water is used in leisure activities such as pools, hot tubs.  Further, tourist accommodation places high expectation on providing water through showers, baths, and other facilities.  EiE has worked with a range of organisations from these sectors to implement water reduction
actions and pursue opportunities to improve performance and reduce costs.

Catering and hospitality

Food services often require considerable amounts of water for preparation and cleaning.  EiE have helped develop water saving actions through review and rationalisation of the processes in kitchens and other food services premises.


EiE has supported a number of manufacturers in reviewing processes that use water and finding innovative solutions to reduction.  EiE finds that support often uses our knowledge of particular technologies or similar solutions used in other sectors.