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An organisation practising good water efficiency only uses as much water as needed for its purposes.  Where possible rain water or water treated on site is used for some activities. For example, an organisation that uses enough water to create a safe, clean, and healthy working environment without wasting money, clean water, or the energy needed to provide it. Unnecessary wastage would include leaks, or taps that flow excessively, or urinals that flush even if no one has used them.

Water efficiency reduces consumption of the natural resource as well as the energy to clean and deliver through plumbing.  Methods for reduction include:

Water efficiency may need to be considered for manufacturing and cleaning processes that are often quite specific to an organisation’s operations.

Clean water in the UK is a relatively cheap commodity, however availability in the future is less certain because of weather (droughts and floods) as well as other pressures on demand. Implementing water efficiency practises now can only benefit and organisation in the future.