Environmental Information Exchange

Water auditing

The perception that water use is unavoidable in organisations can mean opportunities for improvement are not considered.  EiE offers reviews of water use to identify improvements to processes as well as considerations for upgrading equipment.

Benefits of a water use audit include:
- Cost savings from reduced water bills
- Reduction of wasted water and reduction of the energy used to
provide clean water
- Identification of potential leaks
- Improved operations
- Raised awareness of staff, users, and customers

"Clean water is becoming an even more precious resource. There is no reason to waste it"

A water use audit can reveal hidden savings.  EiE offer this service to ensure organisations take full responsibility for all their environmental impacts, not just those led by cost savings.  Our approach is to balance effectiveness of equipment with practices.

We have provided water use audits for a range of organisations (see our case studies).  We provide impartial advice.

For more information on our water use audits, please contact us.